Go green this St. Patrick’s Day

Fashionable Lady in Green Dress on Venice Beach Boardwalk

Going green this St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t just mean making sure to recycle any beer bottles you see lying around after a party. Because I love any excuse for dressing up, naturally an excuse to rock green on St.Patty’s appeal to me. But there is no reason why I can’t still look amazing while doing so.

By the way - Tradition has it that wearing green made one invisible to leprechauns who might pinch you. Just be careful picking the green that looks good with your coloring. And though Ireland may be the Emerald Isle, but there are other green gemstones.  Which are you?

Model profile glamour shot on venice beach
  • Emerald: This gemstone is bold and vibrant and the color looks best on dark brunettes/black hair, warm blondes, and those with warm/darker skin tones. Warm undertones generally have a yellow and gold tinge to them. Other colors that flatter your Emerald tone, are other vibrant greens such as Kelly green.

  • Jade: This stone often has a bluish tint.  You’re a jade if you’re fair and have a cool undertone (pinkish or bluish tint.)  You probably have ash blonde, grey, or platinum hair. Shades of green that will look good on a Jade woman, are pastels such as mint green.  Teal and forest green will also compliment your skintone.

  • Peridot: This gem is likely yellowish green and looks best on redheads and those with golden brown hair.  Olive green will look best on you.

Let Ireland keep their Blarney Stone while you opt for a more precious one.  Green is thought to attract growth in all areas including wealth, health and happiness.  Those strike me as better reasons to wear green than trying to avoid those nipping leprechauns.



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