How Uber Makes My Life Easier #Sponsored

From the moment I wake up to the time I go to bed, my days are hectic and scheduled with meetings and events back-to-back. And living in Los Angeles, those events and meetings can have me rushing from one corner to the city to another - taking up a lot of time and energy, every single day.

This is why Uber has been a god-send to me ever since I started using it in 2012. The Uber app has enabled me to lead a productive work-week in a way that has not been previously possible. I can schedule rides beforehand and/or have rides linked to my smartphone’s calendar (so that my meetings’ destinations automatically appear in the app when I open it up to get a ride).

Of course, having someone else drive enables me to focus on other things like having phone calls or even catching up on work during the periods between Meeting A and Meeting B.

Being able to put my commute-time to good use (as a way to refocus and re-energize myself) for my next meeting or event in a busy work day has enabled me to give 110% percent to my team and to my audience.

A studio session recording a live video-webinar talking to an audience of about 1000 people.

Recently, Uber came up with a sister app called Uber Eats which basically enables me to order great food from a number of excellent restaurants/cafes in my area and have an Uber driver to deliver it to me.

Driving and following directions are not my best skill-set, so having an Uber driver get me from one destination to the other easily has been crucial to enable me to have a great work-day.

I also love that I can easily pull up my trip history on my smartphone or computer to keep track of my work expenses.

Having someone drive me goes beyond convenience - it feels like the smart and sane thing to do. Not having to deal with navigation and finding parking and instead using the time to re-energize myself in between meetings and events has enabled me to lead my life the way I want - from dawn till dusk.

Photography by Sabrina Hill

The thoughts and opinions here are my own. Sponsored by Uber.



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  • Claire says:

    That last photo of yours with fringe skirt, is perfection! Keep slaying The Ambitionista!

  • Arianne says:

    I’d like to try that Uber Eats app soon. I think that’s a very great idea for career woman who are always on the go but have no time to prepare for lunch.. I’m saying this because I’m guilty as charged. lol

  • MJ Walters says:

    I like that Uber Eats app, I think that’s the next big thing that had happened to my commuting life. Yess!!

  • Kyla Adams says:

    Uber has saved me a thousand times. I’m already a patron and wouldn’t dare try other services.

  • Misty says:

    I’ve always counted on Uber to take me to places I don’t know how to get to. Been a rider since 2015!

  • Carmencita says:

    You look amazing Heidi! Love that fringe skirt, looks really cool. Been an Uber user too since I can’t drive a stick myself.

  • shauna says:

    I hate driving, I am not good with directions, my family knows that.. They suggested Uber to me so I can go to places I need to go. Uber made my life easier too!