Spring Cleaning with eBay

This blog post is created in partnership with eBay. However all thoughts and opinion are my own (as always.)

I am very busy (lol) and I am sure you are too. And one of the things that I truly feel has made a difference in my daily life (as someone who goes in and out of my apartment a lot - multiple times a day, usually wearing different outfits/accessories and even switching handbags) the one thing that has made a difference is having a “catchment” area to throw everything.

But you don’t have to lead the life of a busy blogger/businesswoman working in fashion to appreciate the beauty of a perfectly curated and organized area to put all your daily stuff into. I think anyone who leads an active life would.

So it’s Spring time again and it's time to get organized. I’m a big eBay fan (I can probably bid in my sleep) and when they handed me a challenge an eBay $100 gift card to use towards Spring cleaning it was game on.

The thing about getting organized is making sure your catchment area is located in a place you naturally would ‘park’ all your things. For me this is usually the foot of my bed. And remember what I said about throwing stuff? I would just literally throw everything there. It was time for an upgrade.

I knew I wanted a) a tray + b) a couple of boxes or bowls. This would create a perfect designated space for my phone, keys, jewelry, pen(s) , notebook, some makeup and quick cleaning supplies (I am always getting my stuff dirty - don’t ask why). So armed with my eBay gift card I went to eBay’s very convenient Spring Headquarter page and started hunting.

I found my tray immediately and also scored a pretty mirrored box similar to this one in 10 minutes. You might take slightly longer - like I said I have been eBay-ing for a while now. I also bought another cute little container to store my business cards (I always seem to run out of them at events !). And after a few more minutes I found a darling stone bowl very similar to price and look of this one*.

* Honestly the one I just linked to looks much more prettier than the one I just bought. Oh well.

What I bought on eBay.

So here’s my catchment area now - tadaa!

Isn’t this great? The trick is when you’re trying creating a gorgeous (and functional) catchment area is to make sure there is a complimentary color palette and that there is a balance of shapes.

And the best thing is all this was less than $100 dollars. And it makes my life much more orderly and organized. So if you haven’t been on eBay - do start exploring the site. It’s a great place to find affordable items. Whether it’s to create a beautiful table display or even to find items to organize your home with - you can find it easily on the eBay Spring headquarters page (or even eBay in general.) And if you’re already that amazing person who has her home perfectly organized - perhaps you can send an eBay gift card to someone who is need of… organizing.



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