The Jumpsuit + A Little (Lot of) Help from Toni & Guy

Toni & Guy Hair and Makeup

Oscars Week was a whirlwind of glam, glitter and everything that is Hollywood. While I got to glam it up for a whole week prior to the Oscars at the Vanity Fair Social Club, I still had to up the ante on Oscars night itself. Enter: the very capable hair and makeup team at Toni & Guy, who worked their magic on me for the big day. (They were able to keep me still in the makeup chair for an entire hour, that’s a miracle in itself!)

I chose a black silk jumpsuit — an elegant ensemble that I could easily move about in but was versatile enough for after-parties later. Admittedly, I also wanted something that wouldn’t look too out of place in case I needed to make a late-night diner run. Priorities.

Black Jewel Earrings
Valentino Strapless Silk Jumpsuit
Oscars Accessories

Kept it monochrome and sleek with with a noir wool bolero and Fendi patent bow heels.

Michael Kors Wool Bolero
Fendi Bow Heels
Ferragamo Cow Hair Clutch
Tory Burch Gold Fitbit

Yes, I broke out the Ferragamo. It was a night to remember, after all. A big thanks to Ashlay M. and Michelle T. of Toni & Guy for making me feel incredible on the big night.
Stay tuned for a behind-the-scenes look at how I looked pre-Oscars glamover. ‘Til then, Ambitionistas. Muah!

Style Notes
Valentino Strapless Silk Jumpsuit similar here
Michael Kors Wool Bolero similar here
Ferragamo Clutch similar here
Tory Burch Fit Bit

A Rendezvous at the New LAX

White Military Jacket

Los Angelenos might be familiar with the #LAXisHappening campaign taking over Instagram and Twitter feeds. An elevated way of saying “pardon the dust,” Los Angeles International Airport has been undergoing a major facelift in the form of a Fred Segal boutique, not-your-typical-airport-food eateries and luxury lounges.

Of course, I couldn’t help taking a peek while waiting for my flight to Kuala Lumpur a few weeks ago.

Rachel Zoe Military Jacket
Pink Leather Passport Cover
Los Angeles Airport Uber

Thank goodness for Uber — my secret weapon to getting everywhere in la la land.

Travel Outfit
Leather Bag Tag
Leather Bag
Ann Taylor Striped Sweater

As someone who has made LAX her second home by default (blame those 4am redeye work trips), I was delighted to see that the changes were not only aesthetically chic but that the overall airport experience changed.

Nina Ricci Sunglasses

There was still quite a bit of construction going on, but the line up of newly-opened duty-free shops and Sunset-worthy restaurants was impressive.

Style Note
Rachel Zoe White Military Jacket similar here
Ann Taylor Black & White Striped Sweater
Ralph Lauren Black Knee High Boots similar here
Bang and Olufsen Headphones
Nina Ricci Sunglasses
Read more about what’s new on LAX here

Paint the Town Red

Chinese New Year Dress

You’ll have to excuse the late posts recently. I’ve been traveling between Kuala Lumpur and Los Angeles, so my photos still need to catch up with me (the inevitable result of jet lag).

Today, I find myself reminiscing from my hotel in KL about a red dress I wore to a lux LA event. A few weeks ago, I attended a formal Chinese New Year dinner held by Chase and . The 10 course meal was beyond exquisite and the wine was out of this world.

Armani Beauty Rouge Lipstick

Traditionally, the Lunar New Year calls for a riveting red dress. And when you wear red, the best red lipstick ever is the Armani Rouge #400.

Vintage Cartier Earrings

The essentials: fur, a red & white French manicure and a yummy boost of youthH20 (my secret weapon to countering my occasional macaroon indulgence).

Accessory Details
Red and White French Manicure
Red Lipstick
Adrienne Landau Fur Coat

 The occasion called for a sparkle of vintage Cartier (thanks Grandma!)

Cartier Jewelry

… and my favorite Ferragamo clutch, this time sans frosting.

Ferragamo Clutch
BCBG Formal Red Dress
Adrienne Landau Coat
Cartier Earrings

Here’s to another night of staining champagne glasses with red lipstick. I miss you LA, but I’m not quite ready to come back yet.
‘Til next time, Ambitionistas!

Style Notes
BCBG Formal Red Dress
Adrienne Landau Fur Coat similar here
Ferragamo Calf Hair Clutch similar here
Vintage Cartier
Beauty Notes
Armani Beauty Rouge in #400 ( True Red )
Hair & Makeup via StyleBee App

Post-Oscars… Still Recuperating


While it was last February, I still can’t help but miss the hustle and bustle of Oscars week. It was a chaotic yet wonderful madness for me. I met many of my Blogger Babes face to face, got to meet so many influencers in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle space and learnt so much about the art of intense socializing. (More about my Vanity Fair Social Week adventure in a future post. Stay Tuned!)

Nina Ricci Black Sunglasses

Of course, I’d like to thank my Etienne Aigner Stag Bag for helping me stay organized throughout the whole affair. Seriously, I don’t know what I would have done without it. Although, losing my phone 787 times in the bottomless pit of an ordinary purse may be an answer.

Stag Bag

Each side of the Stag Bag features two large zip-up compartments that open up to smaller inner pockets — great for holding all my random receipts, phone, business cards, mints and endless lip gloss supply (you know you do it too).

Etienne Aigner's Stag Bag

The detachable strap let me sling it over my shoulder as I rushed from event to event. Plus, I’m in love with the eye-catching dalmatian print.

Etienne Aigner Handbag

Animal prints by the way, are a great neutral and this whimsical pattern added a bit of fun to a potentially trop proper work outfit.

DVF Black Culottes

Tip: If you’re going to do a lot of walking (I swear I walked 70 miles that week) but love high heels, booties with a slightly thicker heel are the answer to sturdy, fashionable support. These black beauties looked great and got me through AM to PM, feet intact.

Ann Taylor Tie Neck Champagne Blouse

To prevent a tie-neck blouse  from looking stuffy, pair with minimally-styled hair, on-trend details such as a pair of culottes and chic sunglasses.

Tie Neck Champagne Blouse

Here’s to a unforgettable Oscars week —  the people, the free flow of food and drinks and getting primped every day and night. Most of all, I miss being constantly surrounded by so many of my Blogger Babes. I’m now quite inspired to see how I can recreate the vibe felt during VFSC at other Blogger Babes events.

Nina Ricci Black Sunglasses

Style Notes
Etienne Aigner’s Stag Bag
Ann Taylor Tie Neck Champagne Blouse similar here
Nina Ricci Black Sunglasses (love the unexpected champagne sides)
Black Booties similar here
DVF Black Culottes similar here

11 Email Subject Lines That Everyone Dreads


I read most of my emails in the morning, half asleep (I am not a morning person).

Every day at around 9 am, like a beast woken from her beauty sleep, I make an instinctive grab for my iPhone hiding somewhere underneath the blankets. After checking the time, I immediately start to scroll through emails. I suppose it’s a way of slowly preparing myself for the day’s onslaught of work.

Occasionally, however, I get emails that wake me up faster than a triple espresso. You know the sort. The ones with subject lines that make your heart skip a beat and make your eyes do a double take. In dedication to these, ahem, pesky awakenings, here are the worst emails subject lines you never ever want to see in your inbox.


What emails do you dread? Do tell (and entertain) in the comments!