Falling for Revlon’s Amazing New ColorStay™ Eye Collection #Sponsored

Traditionally in fall, the leaves on trees change color. I live in Los Angeles, where the leaves stay green year round, so I started getting into the spirit by changing my hairstyle and color. And naturally, soon after I wanted to try new makeup, which was why collaborating with Revlon and highlighting the new products in their ColorStay™ Eye Collection was something I was looking forward to.

heidi nazarudin for revlon

Wearing Revlon’s ColorStay™ Eye Collection on my eyebrows and eyes and their Kiss™ Balm on my lips. I know this does not look anything like fall weather, but it’s really warm here in Southern California. #SorryNotSorry

Specifically, I am really loving Revlon’s new ColorStay™ Brow Pencils, 2 in 1 Angled Kajal™ Liners and their ColorStay™ Crème Eye Shadow. I’ve worked with Revlon before on a few campaigns so I knew I was in good hands. But I was really excited because the eyes are my most favorite area to play up with vivid colors.


The surprised look you get when your makeup stays on for a really, really long time in warm fall weather.

ColorStay™ is the right name for these new products. The eye makeup lasted very long (on me it stayed on for at least 10 hours) and more importantly, the products are waterproof, so I didn’t sweat it away (I did say I live in LA where it still gets up to 80F on some fall days).


Here’s what I used:

• ColorStay™ Brow Pencil in Soft Brown. The angled tip made it a breeze to apply while the opposite end has a brush to smooth the hairs into shape.

• 2 in 1 Angled Kajal ™Liner in Graphite. The smoky eye is no longer daunting! The makeup side of the wand is angled so that it does the work for you. The other side has a brush to smudge the makeup into the perfect blend.

• ColorStay™ Crème Eye Shadow in Pistachio (a beautiful silver-green) and Caramel (a shimmering and universally flattering rose gold). More than just beautiful colors here – the packaging is brilliant. Finally, the brush is incorporated into the round cap of the shadow itself so that I won’t be searching for, losing, and eventually buying a replacement brush. Plus it would be hard to duplicate the innovative brush that has three edges so that you can apply in different ways to suit your mood and look. And for oilier skin (like mine), I was surprised I didn’t even have to use a primer first. The pigmentation was bright, even and lasted throughout the day (for me).


*Eye shadow color tip: rose gold and jewel tones work for almost every skin tone,
so you might want to try those first if you want to experiment!


From Top Left to Bottom Right: Revlon ColorStay™ Crème Eye Shadows, Kiss™ Balm ColorStay 2-in-1 Kajal™ Liner and ColorStay™ Brow Pencil. I love them all, but the brow pencils and eye shadows are my favorites.


I also tried Revlon’s new Kiss™ Balm. Here I used Fresh Strawberry. The Kiss™ Balms may are perfect year round and include SPF 20. In the fall and winter months, these moisturizing balms are ideal either on their own, on top of lip liner, or over lipstick. (I may have oilier skin but my lips still get dry!) The compact, portable design is adorable and you don’t have to worry about leakage in your purse. They’re so inexpensive and wearable that I’d probably end up getting them all.


With the change in seasons upon us, I’m happy to be experimenting with Revlon’s new makeup. In fact, with Thanksgiving coming up I can even say I’m thankful to Revlon for their long-lasting pieces. And I’m going to be stocking up on quite a few of the Kiss™ Balms to use as stocking-stuffers this Christmas.


Revlon’s Kiss™ Balms (I’m using Fresh Strawberry in the picture above) are the only holiday treats that won’t cause you to gain any weight – so feel free to get as many as you like.


‘Tis the season!

This post is sponsored by Revlon through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write about Revlon, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Staycation in Style at The Resort At Pelican Hotel



The Resort at Pelican Hill, a beautiful destination in Newport Beach, is a five-star luxury property with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. It has Italian inspired architecture and decor that brilliantly blends with the Newport Beach’s Southern Cali weather and vibe.


Driving into the resort , I can’t help but notice that the grounds and gardens (they have a lot beautiful olive trees here) are the most well-tended and

immaculate I’ve ever seen. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought the resort had only recently opened – later on I found out that it has been in business for 8 years. How is it that no one’s told me about it before?!?

Basking in the sun … in black. 

As an art and design buff, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that a lot of the artwork and furniture are antiques and originals imported from Italy. In fact the guide (you can go on a self-guided tour, small group tour or arrange for complimentary one from the concierge) mentioned that the two tapestries hanging in the great room across from the main lobby are 17th century Flemish originals.

We checked into our room (or bungalow, to be more specific) and were not disappointed. It was very well appointed with a fireplace , a well-stocked Nespresso coffee/tea selection, as well as a large bathroom with a generous shower area and tub. Everything you need for a perfect romantic getaway. And although we were there to ‘get away from it all’, it was so lovely learning that wifi (because I am addicted to social media) as well as local calls, are complimentary.




This resort isn’t just for couples. It’s also very family friendly. There’s a kids pool and “Camp Pelican” which is an activity center for younger kids. For kids aged 13-17 they even have organized activities called “Latitude” so that they can be far away from their embarrassing parents. (I’m just guessing that’s the point.)


You can bring grandma along.

And the resort isn’t just for overnights and long weekends. The resort knows it’s local clientele well and offers extended-stay rates – Newport Beach and nearby Laguna Beach are wealthy communities and homes are always being renovated or built so families are displaced for a while.


The resort is also popular for family getaways and bridal parties what with their 128 villas ranging in size from 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms. The villas have their own equally well-appointed 10,000 square-foot clubhouse and pool, with private washer, dryer and personal villa staff which includes a concierge, butler and personal chef upon request.

resort-horizontal-promenade-pool-pacific-viewThe shuttles take guests to the beach and back (about 3-4 minutes away) and they even help you set up your beach towels and things. Furthermore, if you feel like picnicking, the resort can help you set up a picnic basket from their very well-stocked Caffe and Market.


All in all – a must visit for anyone looking for a relaxing luxury resort experience in Southern California.


But what about The Spa?

Oh yes – The Spa at Pelican Hill which was undoubtedly the highlight of my 3 day 2 night stay. Their spa has been voted “the no.1 spa in California by Conde Nast Traveler magazine “ and was awarded a Five Star rating by Forbes Travel Guide. I am happy to report that both accolades are well deserved.


Located off of the main building, and housing a state of the art gym and fitness studio, I whizzed right past those elements which would have required that I exert myself, and headed straight for the relaxing portion of the spa. Because of their extensive spa menu there is something for everyone. (PS: ask for Lydia for the most amazing facial ever) .


I can’t recommend this spa enough.


The spa waiting area features cozy blankets and a delicious spa menu so you can enjoy pre and post treatment meals. It has very spacious and well appointed with large individual shower rooms with en-suite benches for maximum privacy. And although the decor is grand and slightly imposing (it was inspired by Roman (classic) architecture, albeit a very cozy one) the staff is anything but.

From the time I checked-in, shown around the spa, right until I left, the various staff members were all very friendly and welcoming. I also love that even though a detailed protocol is given after treatment, describing what products were used and which you should have at home, there is absolutely no hard-sell.
I also found out later that the spa offers a Spa Suite VIP room (for up to 5 guests) for you and a group of friends to use for relaxing between treatments. There are also customized spa packages ranging from half-day, full day, couples, babymoons and even red carpet packages.
This spa has everything – hair services, mani-pedis, steam and sauna, a gorgeous Roman soaking tub, facials and massages, private spa suites for couples and groups – all in a high-ceilinged 23,000 square foot area. And for those more fitness-inclined, there are workouts designed head to toe: from meditation, to barre classes, organized beach walks, yoga, and more. In other terms they offer everything from A to Z: Abs to Zumba.

So they make their own pasta.


The resort is also home to Andrea Ristorante , an upscale restaurant that serves not only the most delicious Northern Italian cuisine, but also the most stunning sunsets.


The pasta here is made in-house and the olive oil is especially selected by the chef. (Plus you can take a bottle home as they sell their signature Pelican Hill olive oil at the resort.) As I watched By, my better half eating the delicious food in front of us, I had a flash of concern he would now refuse to eat my always over-cooked store-bought spaghetti , but then I realized I could us “ this is what they do professionally in their professional kitchen.” as an excuse why I am such a terrible cook. Oh well moving on.


We had a short stay and ate only at Andrea and the poolside Coliseum Pool & Grill, so we missed out on trying their Pelican Grill, Piccolo, Caffe & Market (one with freshly made gelato and free wifi), and a Great Room Social Lounge area- all the more reason to return! We especially loved Andrea because of the delicious food, romantic ambience and spectacular sunset over the Pacific.



Coliseum Pool & Grill

While Andrea may have romance and fine cuisine, the Coliseum Pool & Grill has it’s own pluses. This is the resort’s casual poolside dining. And before I even discuss the food, I have to discuss the view of the Coliseum Pool.


What a pool. Seriously – you’ve never seen anything like it. It’s a circle that’s apparently 136 feet in diameter. I don’t remember my geometry but I will say that it looks like a perfectly formed lake plunked down, overlooking the ocean.


Spectacular is a word made to describe this pool. You’ll never want to leave, which is precisely why you’ll be trying the Coliseum’s poolside menu which is delivered right to your chaise lounge or cabana. The setting is so heavenly that they could be forgiven if they served average food but they, again, do not disappoint. The food is fresh and refreshing.



Luxury does not mean wastefulness.

The Resort could, frankly, dine off their reputation for amazing service, delicious food, sumptuous spa and beautiful bungalows but they don’t stop there. Unseen is their commitment to being “green.” All the water used to water the grounds and golf course is recycled water. The resort has numerous awards and accolades attesting to their environmental-friendly activities.


Two years (and I don’t even want to think about how much money) were spent creating elaborate underground rainwater runoff collection tanks. On top of that, they built two bio-filtration/bio-retention devices that clean the runoff water. And this resort actually does what all hotels should do – if there’s an area of the property that’s unoccupied, they have the ability to shut down the electricity and gas there so that no energy is wasted.


I love that they are so environmentally conscious however I will admit that I didn’t come away thinking green, I came away thinking blue-

Blue skies, blue water and all my blues washed away…