#WhereTo With Uber Part 2

I’ve written about Uber before and how it’s really helped me in my workday commute but if you need extra convincing – here’s also another post about how it helps me on my “off-days” and weekends.

When I am not working and dashing off from meetings to meetings, I am, well – dashing off from other places too e.g. from the gym to the hair salon, and then from the hair salon to brunch with a friend , and later on from home to the bar for a fun night’s out with friends.

Heidi is preparing for the gym

One of the reasons that Uber has really added to my life is that it allows me to truly enjoy and focus on what I want to do – I don’t know about anyone else but never having to deal with finding parking and traffic multiples a day has tremendously impacted my enjoyment level on doing various activities.

For example, one of my favorite rituals on Saturday is getting my hair blown-out and the place I go to has very limited parking. Without uberX I know I probably would need to add another 20 minutes finding and walking to a parking area. I love how uberX just drops me to the curbside and as soon as I am done, enables me to just hop into a car and ride away somewhere else.

Heidi is working out

Even on a relaxed day, if I even just go from home to the gym, and then to a salon, and then later to a restaurant for a fun date with friends, I save a minimum of 40 minutes on not worrying about parking. That’s 40 minutes I can use for sleeping in or even more me-time lol.

Heidi arrived at the salon
Hiedi at the Salon
Heidi at home putting lipstick

And of course, Uber makes going out and having a cocktail or three exponentially more fun as my friends and I no longer have to worry about who gets to be the designated driver – not that they are big drinkers in any way but just the fact that we can truly go out and just have fun has really added to the fun factor of  our nights out.They don’t have to worry about driving, parking, and they can easily split the fare right form the app using the Split Fare feature!


Heidi at restaurant with friends
Heidi with friends

I have been an Uber rider since they first started their service in 2014 -and it’s not hyperbole to say that the Uber app has been life-changing for me. I don’t drive at all (growing up in cities like New York and London does that to you) and in a city like Los Angeles where the public transportation is not the most ideal was challenging before Uber.

To be able to not never worry about the questions ‘how do I get there?’ and ‘where do I park?’  and just focus about what I want to do is immensely important to me. Not only that, I do feel that not having to think about driving has enriched my life and made me a thousand times more productive every day.

I have to say that meeting and interacting with Uber drivers have been for the most part something that has added richness and perspective to my life. This week alone, I got to chat with an ER trauma nurse who drives with Uber just to de-stress after a long day at work, a single mom  who drives a few hours daily between driving her two kids to school to save up for that dream vacation in Disneyland, and a DJ who just moved to Los Angeles after spending 2 years taking photographs of sailing boats in the Caribbean.

And over the past few years, I have gained insight and perspective about other people in a way that would never been possible if I weren’t an Uber rider.

So here’s to that next ride – in an Uber.


This post was sponsored by Uber. All opinions are my own.