Powering Through the Work Day With Samsung Galaxy S8

As a full-time blogger who’s always running off to endless appointments and events, I basically live on my phone and work on the go. And it goes without saying, there’s a real need for me to have top-notch smartphone technology at hand—that is, a device that can keep up with all of the tasks I do and people I meet. Not to mention, making sure the photos the smartphone takes are of stunning quality.

When Samsung invited me to experience their latest smartphone models—the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus—I simply couldn’t turn the opportunity down. I know for a fact that this Korean brand has been a power player in the smartphone market for more than a decade now, what with all the bestselling tech devices they roll out each year! I already had the Samsung S8+ and I own a Samsung 360º camera unit—so I couldn’t wait to give the pop-up store at the Americana at Brand, Los Angeles a visit.

Heidi at front of Samsung
galazy studio

Entering the Samsung Galaxy Studio is like stepping into an ultra-modern interactive museum. There were a number of installations that let people fully utilize every product Samsung has to offer, from a virtual reality theater to art installations that transfers photos from your phone to a screen underwater. I personally had a lot of fun filming myself with the Samsung Gear 360º and watching my animated selfies show up on the Frame TV.

Heidi at Samsung

This was my favorite part of the whole thing—exploring the Samsung 360º room—where fluffy flowers move around you as the latest K-Pop hits play. Can I have this in my apartment?

But the main star of the show, of course, is the Samsung Galaxy S8. At first sight, it’s a real beauty to behold, with a super slim profile and a sleek screen that spills around the edges—the Infinity Screen, as Samsung calls it. I don’t know about you, but any stylish gadget earns extra blogger points for me!

Heidi at Samsung

Beyond its sleek look, I find that the Infinity Screen does two things perfectly for me. One, it expands my view of graphics and videos, which means that I get to fully enjoy all the episodes that I catch in between tasks. Two, it enables the Multi-Window feature, which allows me to use two apps at the same time. More things done in one screen? That’s almost as good as getting on my laptop.

Heidi at Samsung

The Galaxy S8 is also built to withstand elements. The water art installation in the Samsung Studio was there for customers to submerge phones underwater, only to pull the phones out and discover that they are still in perfect working condition. This is good news for me: I’m a regular jetsetter, which is to say that I’m exposed to different types of weather all the time. If I get caught in the rain or drop my phone in wet sand, at least I know my phone is built for protection against elements. There’s a lot that I would lose otherwise—access to email and work files, important contacts and personal mementos.

Heidi using Samsung S8

My creation using the Samsung smartphone doodling app. I tested this out on the Galaxy Note 8, another one of Samsung’s latest models, but this feature is also available on the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Part of what I do on a daily basis is create crisp and fresh stories that resonate with my audience. Content is at the core of any blogger’s work. Quality is of utmost importance when it comes to images, which is why I usually lug around a bulky camera with me to shoot photos of my day.

Heidi testing Samsung 8+ Camera

Off to test the camera on my own Samsung Galaxy S8+ outdoors. My photo op spot of choice is this tram!

Selfies taken with the Samsung Galaxy S8+! Look at that quality

These are photos straight from my Samsung Galaxy S8+. Look at the rich colors! Also say hello to Sabrina – my good friend and photographer.

Samsung Galaxy S8+, however, eliminates the need to lug around heavy equipment. Its camera produces spectacular photos in colors as rich and vivid as reality. It may be my favorite feature yet. And it doesn’t hurt that I can snap photos and share easily while I go!

The speed is superb—there are absolutely no lags in between shots.

Have to admit—I was very gleeful at spending a workday exploring the Americana mall on this fun tram…and being able to write this off as ‘work’!

Personally, I think Samsung has kept a finger on the pulse of people’s technological needs. The more we interact with the world through our phone, the more there is a need for a device that is intuitive, responsive and long-lasting. It’s good to know that there are gadgets that are built for the hustle and bustle of our lives. With the Galaxy S8+, I know I won’t miss a task to work on—or a moment to share.

Be sure to check out the Samsung Studios to see all the amazingly cool gadgets in person – click here to see all the Studio locations!

What do you think? Would you upgrade your current smartphone to the new Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+?

The Ambitionista x Tadashi Shoji NYFW SS18

In the midst of an exhausting and sleepless New York Fashion Week, Tadashi Shoji’s SS 2018 collection was definitely a breath of fresh air. I’ve always known Tadashi Shoji for regal evening dresses meant for the red carpet but this time around, he treated the audience to a collection that can get one California dreamin’.

Influenced by the laid-back West Coast, Tadashi Shoji rolled out playful and delicate dresses made for the free-spirited gal. Frankly speaking, they look like dresses I would love to kick my work stilettos off for and slip into for a vacation. Maybe I would leave my desk for these dresses…who knows!

The flowy silhouettes are gorgeous, to say the least. They’re the kind of dresses that bring some swinging action down the street, if not a shoreline.

Here’s some more Tadashi Shoji from the runway:

heidi nazarudin at tadashi shoji nyfw 17
heidi nazarudin at tadashi shoji nyfw 17
heidi nazarudin at tadashi shoji nyfw 17
heidi nazarudin at tadashi shoji nyfw 17
heidi nazarudin at tadashi shoji nyfw 17
heidi nazarudin at tadashi shoji nyfw 17
heidi nazarudin at tadashi shoji nyfw 17
heidi nazarudin at tadashi shoji nyfw 17

Gemstone and golden colors dominated the collection, painted across frocks in beach umbrella-inspired stripes, jacquard florals, and luxurious lace work. Living in Los Angeles, I have to say that Southern California’s colors and textures influence my wardrobe and bring it the life it needs. It’s never tiring to draw inspiration from So-Cal. Always vibrant, never drab.

For the show, I wore Tadashi Shoji’s Bazile Tea-Length Dress and it is as breathable and flowy as it looks—I may or may not have twirled in this dress a little too much. Love that it can go from the office to a night out, too. Styled with a coat, boots, bold pink clutch and sunnies and I was good to go.

heidi nazarudin and friends at nyfw 2017

West Coast Represent! And wearing Tadashi Shoji.

Some other details—Louis Vuitton envelope clutch and Durrah Jewelry “Spring” rings.

Another gorgeous Tadashi Shoji number is this Camila Tea-Length Dress, which I wore to the Bazaar Icons party. Love this. The lace trimmings and sheer fabric look like it’s a lot of work to wear but I was able to move and mingle around just comfortably—thanks to the jersey lining underneath.

heidi nazarudin at tadashi shoji nyfw 2017

Arriving at the #BazaarIcons party.

Put on red ankle-strap heels for an extra chic finish.

heidi nazarudin at tadashi shoji nyfw 2017

Glam rock chick essentials: Tadashi Shoji Camilla Tea-Length dress and snazzy electric guitars in the background.

Posing with Natalie Lim Suarez (of Natalie Off Duty) and Jessica Wang (Not Jess Fashion)

heidi nazarudin at tadashi shoji nyfw 2017

Jared Leto still managed to look better than me and my pretty get-up though, LOL.

Here’s to the next NYFW.

Age Is Just A Number: #BridgingTheGap With Lee Woodruff

When my dear friend Catherine asked me if I wanted to join her #BridgingTheGap campaign, I was intrigued. You seemy birthday is coming up really soon and even though for me age is a non-issue, I realize that for a lot of women and brands, it is.

This is something that I had the pleasure of talking about with Lee Woodruff, a journalist whose wise words I could listen to all day. Lee is the co-founder of Bob Woodruff Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting injured men and women in service. The idea for the foundation emerged after her husband, television journalist Bob Woodruff, sustained a brain injury while covering a war in Iraq.

Lee is my partner for #BridgingTheGap  – and I am delighted to feature her on TheAmbitionista.com.

Clearly, she has seen and been through a lot. Still, she demonstrates an easy confidence that would never have made you guess her back story.

On top of that, Lee is a New York Times bestselling author of three books. Three! I need lessons from this incredible lady!

Source: News OK

As someone who’s got a very keen sense of herself, Lee doesn’t like to be put in a box at all. Then again, when you’re someone who plays multiple roles: writer, speaker, media trainer, co-founder, mother, and wife, it is hard to sum yourself up in one number or inaccurate stereotype.

Lee Woodruff

Personally, I’m in awe of all that Lee has accomplished. How does she do it all? I mean, I’m right here, trying to put my life together, running off to appointments and events, but also stalking cats on Instagram in between…!


Lee likes to joke about her sartorial choices. Her outfits are pretty much what she would have worn a decade ago, except now, she wears more tailored and classy versions. But to tell you the truth, I think she’s more comfortable in her own skin than anyone else I’ve ever met. And style is always about what feels cozy and true to your tastes—not necessarily what’s on trend.

Which brings us to Lee’s favorite wardrobe pieces: denim and long sleeves. Being in her fierce 50’s, she claims that “her arms are not as toned no matter how hard she works out”, so longer sleeves are preferred. I know a lot of women share this sentiment, and frankly speaking, it’s not just women in midlife. I come from a more conservative background and in a lot of situations, more coverage is needed. So designers—pretty please design more gorgeous clothes with sleeves!

Finding common ground like this is exactly what made Lee and I realize how designers have sort of boxed us into rigid categories, age, size, and ethnicity included. But just because women are past the age of 40 doesn’t really mean they’re not as fashion-conscious anymore.

Everyone has style—it’s just a matter of providing more options.

PS: If you want to see who else is part of #BridgingTheGap – head over to Catherine’s blog