Getting A Million Dollar Smile With Dr. Leedia Riman

Being in front of the camera a lot means that every single flaw is amplified. And for someone lie who talks a lot – having a great smile is definitely an asset. So I’ve been wanting to fix my teeth (to be specific my bottom lower teeth) for a while now but I didn’t have the time nor the inclination to wear braces again.

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I’ve had braces twice – once in my early teens and once in college – and now, almost a decade later, due to not wearing my retainers, my lower teeth are crooked again. As any adult will probably understand, braces are only socially, aesthetically acceptable when you’re at school. When you’re almost 40, it’s just awkward to do a business presentation or pose for night-out photos with metal retainers around your teeth.

Heidi Nazarudin

Dum dum dum…

Fortunately for me (and for the rest of adults out there), there’s an awesome new way to get away with having braces without anyone noticing called Invisalign. Kind of a word play on “invisible” and “align”, which is exactly what you get.

The Invisalign is a clear set of BPA-free plastic aligner trays designed to gently straighten your teeth. It’s absolutely safe, smooth, and comfortable. There’s no tendency for food to get caught like it does with regular braces and no discomfort from metal wires. Best of all, it’s virtually invisible.

heidi at the clinic

The way the Invisalign works is that your doctor scans your teeth and maps out your mouth’s movements so your plastic aligners fit your teeth perfectly. Afterwards, they create your customized set of aligners.

Here’s my Doctor explaining how Invisalign works.

I had my custom Invisalign treatment at Dr. Leedia Riman’s, of R Dental Group, based in Beverly Hills. Dr. Leedia comes from a family of dentists, and she’s absolutely lovely and professional. I remember when I first met her: she was so approachable and warm – I was looking forward to my dental visits – which I know was a good sign. I also know I was in the best hands when she had to fill in quite a few cavities for me and the process did. not. hurt. at all. I kept expecting and waiting for pain afterwards, and was even given a prescription of industrial-strength ibuprofen, but I did not feel a thing. If she is capable of filling a gazillion cavities with no pain, I know she is definitely the right dentist for me.

Me, trying to explain why I had so many cavities.

If you can’t talk with your mouth, use your hands.

Clearly, the dentist has some serious skills, so it’s only natural for me to choose her again to put my Invisalign on. It’s important to choose a dentist that you trust when you’re getting Invisalign on (or even just regular braces) because you’ll be coming back to your dentist time and time again!

And I wasn’t at all wrong in picking Dr. Leedia. She made me feel relaxed the entire time and was quick to advise me on after-care. There are still eight months to go for my treatment, but already my Invisalign aligners got me feeling selfie-ready. Can’t wait to show you the before and after results soon!

PS: I am on tray set 7 of about 20 trays (and I have to wear each set of trays for 2 weeks) so I can’t wait to show you my new and improved smile soon!