Finally, There’s On-Demand Personal Assistance for Crazy Busy Women (Plus, Get $60 to Try It!)

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Fin is a combination of machine learning technology and humans—so you get the best of both worlds. It’s intuitive, and it gets a better grasp of your goals, work style, and habits the more you use it. Over time it develops workflows for you, so you don’t have to go through repetitive tasks and save much more time and money on your end.

If you happen to subscribe to fashion in any way, you know that New York Fashion Week just tornado-ed by, bringing us the coolest and trendiest of next year’s spring season. With back-to-back shows and after parties, it’s safe to say that—fabulous as it looks—fashion week is crazy.


NYFW mode


For people like me who have to speak at an NYFW event, and attend (27) shows, and also has a business to run on top of all that, there is no downtime. My clients don’t care if I didn’t have time to eat or that Michael Costello is dressing me or that I to get from one end of Manhattan to the other in 20 minutes. Getting mundane and even routine tasks done takes a lot more effort than it should. This makes Fin’s high-quality personal assistant service potentially the ultimate secret weapon for crazy busy working women.


Trying to get work done while I am getting worked on


From planning your trips to recommending gift ideas, there’s a lot that Fin can do—and the better statement really is, what can it not do?


Personally, I used it to manage client meetings, attend to emails, forward calls, and have good coffee at the best NYC cafes in between events and shows. Every minute was put to good use, and most importantly, I didn’t lose my sanity.

The ways to use Fin is endless and if you want to see some common ways other people are using it, please click here.

Honestly though – Fin is the best thing that has happened in a while to me and I love how you can communicate with it either via browser (and logging into your account) via email, via text, or via the app.


I especially love the app function – I find it so convenient to keep track of my requests.



Suffice it to say that when the going gets tough, the tough gets the Fin assistant. I didn’t miss anything crucial, and I became much more productive than I expected. So from one crazy busy woman to another, free up more time in your schedule and sign up for Fin now.

PS: If you sign up using the links in the blog, you will get $60 credit to try out Fin for free.