It’s 2019. Get Your probiotics on (easily)

This blog post is sponsored by Digestive Advantage Probiotics, however all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

I first learnt about probiotics in the 90’s as a young girl, when my uncle, who also happened to be our GP, told my mom that one of the best things she could do for us kids –  is to make sure that we have a healthy stomach and digestive track. Specifically by making sure we religiously take our daily dose of probiotics. Not doing so my uncle warned – would open us up to all types of digestive and immune imbalances -especially since we as a family, traveled a lot all over the world ever since I could remember.

So religiously since I was 12, I had been taking yoghurt (with probiotics in them) every morning. But here’s the kicker – I don’t like nor care for dairy products and I don’t particularly like yoghurt – not to mention the fact that when I do eat yoghurt, I tend to be very selective of which brands I buy.

I have also tried probiotics capsules but I don’t like pills very much. So what is a probiotics-aware girl to do?

Enter Digestive Advantage Daily Probiotics Gummies:



Two of these very delicious gummies have more than 10x the amount of lactobacillus than 8 cups of yogurt. Also who has the time or stomach to eat 8 cups of yoghurt?!


2 Digestive Advantage Probiotic Gummies has the same amount of probiotics as 8 cups of yoghurt.


In fact, to show you how ridiculous eating 8 cups of yoghurt is, my friend Jiemei, (who is a badass business strategist) , will attempt to eat said 8 cups of yoghurt, while I eat two gummies and show you how much time it takes:



Just to further emphasize the point across – studies on Digestive Advantage Daily Advantage gummies have shown that two gummies survive better than 8+ cups of the leading brand of yoghurt, based on probiotic survivability testing vs. leading yoghurt brands. The gummies also have a natural protein shell that survives stomach acid 100X better than leading probiotics and yogurt.



But Heidi – why are you so obsessed with probiotics?

Well, one of the things that a lot of medical professionals agree upon is that probiotics ( good bacteria that help support our digestive health) can help with digestive issues that occur as we grow older, or can assist with common digestive problems like occasional gas, bloating, or diarrhea, or simply supplement a diet.



I am happy that I am able to eliminate one more food product that I don’t like out of my life – and replace it with something that is truly enjoyable. Getting rid of yoghurt has allowed me to make better food choices, save time and cut down on grocery bills. Basically just streamline my already busy life further. I especially like the fact that the gummies are so easy to pack when I travel – making ‘probiotics’ a to-do item that I can take off my list easily.



I got my Digestive Advantage gummies easily on their website, and would really recommend everyone to switch from multiple cups or bowls of yoghurt and cereal to these delicious gummies.


From Struggle to Sweet Victory: How Kids’ Candy Brand Koracare Began


It all started with one mother’s desire to alleviate the frequently overlooked problem of dental care during pregnancy.

When Beverly Hills-based dentist Leedia Riman was pregnant with her baby Julia, she was carrying not only her child but also had a huge problem- she was walking around with a missing front tooth. This dental dilemma of hers eventually led to physical and mental health problems including a short-term depression.

Fortunately, she discovered that a large percentage of mothers in her area were faced with the same issue. Through her post on the Facebook group LA Mommies which garnered over 70 responses, Dr. Leedia was able to communicate with other moms who suffered from dental problems, including cavities and root canals.

Apart from moms, she also found that plenty of children frequently suffer from dental problems which would lead to hospitalization. At that moment, Dr. Leedia discovered a golden opportunity to turn this struggle into a solution. Through the women she met online, she slowly began to build her newfound purpose.

Since 95% of dental decay is preventable, Dr. Leedia thought of the perfect way to put a stop to dental issues without sacrificing something kids (and moms) love to indulge in. After seeking help from a family friend who worked at Bazooka, Dr. Leedia developed delicious candy that’s good for the teeth.

This was how she started Koracare, a one-stop shop where parents can learn about dental wellness during pregnancy and purchase clean and safe products for their children.


It wasn’t all smooth sailing for Dr. Leedia, however. She had her fair share of mishaps in her entrepreneurship journey, including encounters with unprofessional individuals who made false promises. After a few failed tries and gray hairs, she finally found the all-around answer to her marketing needs through her own patient, Heidi Nazarudin.

Heidi is the founder of Marque Media, a full-service communication agency that handles everything a brand could ever need to up its game – from branding, content, web design to social media marketing. Dr. Leedia found her most suitable partner in Marque Media, composed of a team that values her vision and hard work.


Dr. Leedia is no stranger to the struggle. Being a dentist, wife, and mother (who is also pregnant!) who is now launching her own brand Koracare, she knows how difficult it is to juggle a lot of responsibilities in her personal and professional life. But she also knows full well the victory that comes after powering through it all – armed with great strategies and the right partner.