Birthday Month, New Wrinkles & a Brandt New Day

As October—my birthday month—approaches, I do a quick "beauty assessment" in front of the mirror. I start with my eyes and make my way to the creases of my mouth, taking a mental note of new wrinkles that managed to creep up in the last 365 days. This year, I counted two new wrinkles underneath my left eye and a collection of dark spots that hadn't been there before.

So, when the good people at Dr. Brandt asked if I wanted to try out their new serums, which have gotten quite a lot of press lately, I was more than keen to see what all the buzz was about.

PS: If you follow my wins and mishaps in the world of beauty products, you know that unless I've personally used the brand before or have tried it extensively, I'll keep mum about it.

Their new serum line claims to fight the good war against wrinkly, saggy, spotty skin. An ambitious promise, if anything.


From left to right: Laser FX Perfect Serum | Laser FX Bright Serum | Laser FX Lift Serum

I started applying all 3 serums in the AM and PM, one after the other, making sure the first product absorbed before applying the next layer. This might not be the best method for everyone, but it's what works for me. My skin gets oily, so I never use any moisturizer in the morning and used only a hint at night with the serums.

Here is my 7 day verdict:

  • Light, pleasant smell.

  • My greasy skin seemed to produce less oil, giving it a smoother and more refined texture.

  • The hyperpigmentation spots (not caused by acne, but from those days spent lounging on the beach) have lightened by about 10-15 percent.

  • No sign of any changes to those pesky wrinkles under my eye yet. It might be too soon to tell, but if this serum actually erases them, then I'll be ordering it in bucket loads.

I'll be giving another quick update in a few weeks, so stay tuned darlings. Also, if there's a favorite serum you swear by, do let me know in the comments and maybe I'll do a comparison report!



  • Erin says:

    That was the most honest review I have read and I’m thankful for that review. I worry about my soggy skin on my face lately so this could be of help.

  • I definitely need this product. I can’t say how wrinkled my forehead and my eyes have become due to stress and long nights.

  • Sascha says:

    I’m glad that you shared with us your experience with the brand. It helps us decide which ones work and which ones we need to use. Thank you.

  • loreleichung says:

    I just bought myself a Dr.Brandt Laser FX Lift Serum a couple of days ago. SO far, no results yet, but I’ll keep on using it and check out the result after a week 🙂

  • Aaliyah Jane says:

    Wrinkles around my eyes, those are definitely my main and hardest-to-tackle skin concern. Thanks for that review, Heidi!

  • Riley Camden says:

    Mine has to be acne scars. When I was in junior high, acne started sprouting on my face, it was hideous, and I’ve tried different kinds of serum but the scars are still there. I think I’m gonna try this Dr. Brandt. Thanks.

  • Desiree says:

    I got really oily skin. And you know what they say about oily skin – prone to pimples. That is my major facial concern right now. Thanks to this review, looking forward for more about this product.

  • anna elizabeth says:

    Thanks for sharing your product review. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the progress with the wrinkles under the eyes, as this is also my major concern.

  • MJ says:

    I think I’m having the same skin concerns with you. wrinkles around the eyes and even on my forehead, pimples coming out (ugh). I’d love to try Dr. Brandt, I’ll see how it works.

  • I’m like a walking prune, I’ve got a bad case of acne and my dermatologist have actually suggested this product before, although I never got the chance to try it. We’ll see now where it will take me..

  • Claire says:

    You know what? I’m only 35 but I thought I could feel the skin on my shoulders sagging already. My friends tell me to do some exercise, which I do every morning, but still, I can feel my skin sag on more than one occasion. So I think I am going to try out some products like you have mentioned above and see if my skin dilemma would be solved.

  • Maggie Ruth says:

    My no.1 hardest-to-tackle skin concern? That would be pimples + oily skin!

  • Georgina says:

    I think I’m gonna follow your beauty tips, like applying moisturizer first in the morning and using those Dr. Brandt products.

  • Helga says:

    For me, it would have to be sagging skin around my eyes, which could be causing small wrinkles and eye bags.. I like mine to get tightened and if those products (Dr.Brandt Laser FX Lift Serum, Laser FX Bright Serum and Laser FX Perfect Serum) works as it claims it would, then I am gonna use ’em really soon.

  • Michaela King says:

    Well, I’ve actually tried this Dr. Brandt product a few weeks ago and it works great! I have actually felt my skin tightened and looks firm to touch, plus my skin texture improved within a week. Nice results!

  • Ursula Higgins says:

    October is just a few days away, advance happy birthday, Heidi. I do believe this product by Dr. Brandt works coz I’ve tried it too. For sure you wuld be looking great on your birthday 🙂

  • Jewels says:

    I think my major skin concern that I’m having a hard time tackling would be my increasing wrinkles on my forehead, under my eyes. A friend told me that those wrinkles on the sides of the eyes are called crows feet, caused by laughing, smiling, narrowing your eyes, etc. Well, mine’s getting permanently etched on the corner of my eyes and I would love to conceal them.

  • Naomi says:

    I have pigmentation on the lower part of my face down to my neck, I actually thought they’re moles but my derma says otherwise. I’d like to try Dr. Brandt products but I’m not sure these would also address pigmentations and dark spots?

  • kylie rachel says:

    My skin is oily, too! Would love to have this minimized because I don’t want to be seen like I poured oil on my face or look like a walking frying pan. Thanks for sharing your review for Dr Brandt.

  • mistydew says:

    I see some dark spots appearing on the left side of my face and some on my neck. I don’t want to be alarmed of possible skin pigmentation, so I’ll try using products like this Dr, Brandt so this won’t happen again.

  • Nina says:

    I would love to try using this product so my sagging skin under my eyes would be prevented.

  • Sophia says:

    Looking forward to the rest of your product review, since I also want to try these products myself soon. Thanks!

  • Krissy says:

    It’s October! Time flies really fast! I’m not getting any younger either, as I’ll be celebrating my birthday this month, just like you and I can feel the years taking its toll on me. I can feel my skin sagging and wrinkling already especially on my forehead.

  • Helga says:

    My major skin problem are breakouts! Although my mom used to tell me that I could just erase it off my face by having a facial wash and soap and a topical cream. But I’ve grown up but the spots were still there.

  • Isabella C. says:

    I have dark acne scars too, and these aren’t really easy to get away with, so I’m going to try this Dr. Brandt product. Let’s both see if this would really work. Thanks for this review.

  • Celeste says:

    My sagging skin is what really worries me. I’d like to try that lift serum to somehow stop or halt my skin (eye bags & chin) from sagging. Thanks for the tips.

  • Michaela says:

    Two weeks ago, I read this article of yours and tried using this Dr. Brandt Lift serum and the other products. 12 days later, I noticed the changes on my face. I was convinced that this product really works because I could feel my skin being lifted and tightened, preventing further sagging.

  • Carmina says:

    I tried this too, a week after I read your post and I’m pleased with the initial results. My skin starts to lift and feel more tight compared to before I used Dr. Brandt. And some of my freckles start to fade too

  • Angelica says:

    I used this a month ago, too and so far, so good, a lot of my acne scars disappeared! Thanks Dr. Brandt

  • Arianne says:

    It’s October, I hope it’s okay if I greet you a happy birthday! I’m sure you don’t look a day old, at all, given your beauty regimen and the products you use to make sure the wrinkles and sagging skin stay hidden. I’d love to try out these products too so I can still look young and vibrant after a day’s work.

  • Mary Jetson says:

    My no.1 skin problem would have to be my pimples and oily skin. I think these two skin problems go with each other, like a package deal. Oily skin + dirt = pimples. I’ll be happy to try Dr. Brandt and see the results in a few weeks!

  • Farrah Delaney says:

    If this product really works, I’ll be more than willing to buy the whole package, so my skin won’t sag and have pigments anymore.

  • Susan Armstrong says:

    For me, my no.1 hardest-to-tackle skin concern would have to be my pimples caused by my oily skin. So if Dr. Brandt indeed works like it claims, then it would be like hitting two birds with my stone in my case. I can’t wait to try it out..

  • Misa Kira says:

    Looks like October has come and gone, how was your birthday Heidi? Any updates about this product that you used? I’m really curious and I would love to try Dr.Brandt. Thank you.

  • Korinne Desmond says:

    I got this Dr. Brandt Laser FX serum and been using it for 2 months already and I’ve got to say, it does lift my skin making me feel younger.

  • Taylor G. says:

    Wrinkling skin – yeah, I know I’m getting old and all, but still, if there’s a miracle product that can lessen or slow down wrinkling skin, I’m all for it. So I’d love to try this Dr. Brandt.

  • Faye says:

    I get easily annoyed because of my pimples. That’s my hardest to tackle skin problem, first and foremost because I got oily skin. I wish this Dr. Brandt could help.

  • Bernadette says:

    I just noticed the new look of your site, it totally rocks!!

  • Rakeesha says:

    Belated birthday greetings to you! SO what’s the verdict with this Dr. Brandt product that you used?

  • Carmencita says:

    Loving the brand new design on your site! Belated birthday greetings to you Heidi, seems like you’re actually getting & looking younger and younger..

  • Tina says:

    I tried using this and it actually works! My skin is now more flawless and smoother than before, especially my cheeks 🙂

  • Margaret says:

    Can I also use this for my whitehead and blackhead?

  • Gabrielle says:

    Belated happy birthday… so how is it working, I mean the Brandt, working on you for the past few months? I am also going to try this product for me and my daughter who’s got a bad case of pimples lately..

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