Honor Your Skin With Honor MD

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No matter how busy, tired, or preoccupied I am from everything going on at work, I always make time for one of the most important parts of my day: skincare. As a beauty blogger and skincare enthusiast, I’ve had my fair share of hits and misses when it comes to products.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after years of working with several beauty and skincare brands, it is the importance of using medical grade skincare products that are truly effective. So when I discovered Honor MD, I felt like I hit the jackpot.

The Honor Code promises only clinically proven results from clean and natural products, doing away with harmful ingredients like parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. There was so much thought put into each formulation, and even their packaging had the environment in mind!

The Wild Rose Cleanser should be a mainstay in your bathroom countertops. It gently removes dirt and impurities, with moisturizing and regenerative properties thanks to Red Seaweed and Vitamins C and E. It’s almost as if you emerge a brand new person after every wash – that’s how refreshing it is!

If you’re a fan of multi-purpose skincare products, you’re going to love the Tropical Mist pH Balancing Toner. You can use this after cleansing to tone your face, on top of makeup to set it, or throughout the day as a facial mist.

Get your glow on with Genetically Blessed Super Antioxidant Serum! Just a little bit of product goes a long way, giving you that perpetually radiant and healthy-looking skin that will keep everyone guessing your real age.

Last but definitely not the least is my personal favorite, the H(ope)2O Moisturizing Serum. I have naturally oily skin but this moisturizer hydrates without clogging my pores. I even use it on other breakout-prone areas such as my chest area every once in a while.

They also have original line available in Dr. Diaz’s office, such as another product I swear by – their Treat Exfoliating Pads. My skin is really oily and using these 2-3 times a week has been so helpful in making sure my skin looks smooth and even.

The search is over for medical grade skincare that delivers – Honor MD has got you covered!

Olay Whip Regenerist – is The Lightweight Moisturizer You Need for Winter


This blog post is created in partnership with Olay. However, all thoughts and opinion are my own (as always.)


I am not a cold-weather person for many reasons. In fact years ago when deciding on the next steps in my career  development, the term “Good Weather” is right up there, even above essentials like “Great fashion stores” and “Amazing culture and people.”


Olay Whip


So I moved to Los Angeles. But even in LA - renowned for beautiful weather all year around, I am not immune to dry weather woes. It’s no secret that cold weather sucks the moisture out of the skin, which often results in a dry and flaky complexion. So when temperatures plummet in LA—and as I type this I am bundled up in  the thickest wool sweater ever—my winter moisturizers is always no farther than an arm-reach away.


Olay Whip Regenerist

Get winter ready - dress warm … and moisturize well


The thing is not all moisturizers are equal and so many claim to soften and hydrate our skin during winter, when in truth they just make us feel greasy. And greasy does not always mean it’s working. In fact, if it’s only sitting on top of the skin, then your skin isn’t absorbing the moisturizer well. And I can’t stress how much I hate greasy moisturizers - my skin is very oily by nature and anything greasy makes my skin look like an oil slick.




The texture is super-light yet it gives great hydration effectively.

The Olay Regenerist Whip tends to be different. Blended with Amino-Peptide Complex II to regenerate collagen and reduce wrinkles, this moisturizer absorbs quickly and makes my skin feel firm and smooth to the touch. It’s all thanks to the Active Rush Technology used in Olay Whips, which makes the Regenerist (and other Whips) pack a powerful hydration punch in such a lightweight formulation. Releasing 1000x its weight in hydration, Whips instantly absorbs into the skin. Again, just because your moisturizer feels heavy or greasy does not mean your skin is getting the moisture it needs.



Diminish fine lines and wrinkles by moisturizing daily and consistently.


Lightweight and heavily hydrating, Regenerist is a rare find—Olay calls it the unicorn of all moisturizers, and I think it fits! In fact, I’m eager to use this all the way through to summer—and you know the product is awesome when you look forward to using it.

With all that, I’m curious about your skincare regimen. What are your winter skin problems? Have you tried an Olay Whips product yet and what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

Easy Next Level Skincare With Conture

Living in Los Angeles, I know that one of the secrets to youthful good looks is maintenance. I’ve seen 45 year-olds who look half their age thanks to being diligent about good skincare habits and I’ve seen 30 year-olds who look 45 because they don’t have good skin habits. In fact, a good friend of mine is a Hollywood dermatologist to the stars and has the most flawless skin I’ve ever seen and whenever asked what her secret is, she likes to whisper, “maintenance.”

Hiedi Nazarudin using Contour

I have started to see some fine lines underneath my eyes, mouth and neck area and aside from great skincare and religiously applying sunblock daily – I simply have no time for anything else. So when I heard about the Kinetic Skin Toning System – I was intrigued.

I have not had a facial or seen a dermatologist in months (because you know – life gets in the way) but I do have 10-20 minutes each day.

Hiedi Nazarudin Contour

Am I doing work … or watching cat videos? You’ll never know but I am definitely getting my skin maintenance on with Conture.

And what is Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System?

It’s a noninvasive device that redefines your skin and is designed to be used daily when you have some spare time. I tend to use it while watching tv or while on a conference call. It uses a low-frequency vibration that does not hurt at all and it’s super easy to use.

Conture Skincare package | Hiedi Nazarudin

The Conture system has been created after 250,000 hour of research, development and testing.

When you first start out with Conture – the kit comes with the Toning device, Kinetic Skin Toning Serum, Kinetic AM Ignition Lotion, Kinetic PM Recovery Crème, a charger and a manual.

The Conture Kinetic Treatment Serum is made of Retinol, Inylone, and Antarcticine that reduce wrinkles. I used the Conture Kinetic AM Ignition as my daily moisturizing and anti-aging lotion which helps reduce moisture loss. And I love the fact that the Conture Kinetic PM Recovery Crème helps repair my skin while I sleep.

Hiedi Nazarudin is using Contour

PS: Much as I want to follow the instructions, I have to admit things get so busy that I use it before going to bed. But it is preferable to use it twice a day.

How do you use the Conture Kinetic Tool?

1. Start with a clean face. I think all beauty regimens should start with this step, no?

2.Then, I put a pea-sized amount of Kinetic Treatment Serum on the area I’m about to treat — my cheek, forehead or neck, for example. Remember not to rub the serum into your skin, as it’ll make it more difficult to glide the device across the skin.

3. Switch it on (the power button is right at the back of the device’s head) and hold the toning device firmly on your face to create a vacuum seal. As the toning device releases your skin, you’ll notice a little bit of redness, but don’t worry that’s just how it works. The redness simply means increase blood flow. Glide the device to another skin zone after 2 to 3 pulses. The whole process is painless and easy.

4. I use it on my neck, too. I set the device on neck setting. Just a reminder though, use the appropriate setting of your application. Use the face setting on your forehead, jawline, chin and upper lip areas. Use the neck setting on your neck and décolleté areas, and the mild setting on a sensitive area like the under eye.

Hiedi Nazarudin is using Contour

5. Make sure to clean the toning device every after use to make sure that it lasts a long time and continues to work well.

6. Once done with the toning device apply either the Kinetic AM Ignition Crème or Kinetic PM Recovery Crème every day. You can also use it with your current skincare products or regiment.

Heidi Nazarudin using Contour

Make sure to press the tool firmly against your skin to create a vacuum effect.

I’ve been using it for a little more than a month and I definitely feel a difference in skin radiance and firmness. According to Conture’s website:

When used twice daily and correctly as per this video, an independent, 8-week clinical test demonstrated improvements in: