10 Ways To Stand Out In The Workplace

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Most of us have an established routine we follow everyday. Day in and day out, we wake up, get to work, and anticipate for the moment we can go home and have a glass of cabernet sauvignon and relax. I love a nice glass of wine just as much as the next girl, but take it from me, if you want to get ahead in your career and get the promotion you’ve been dying for, take your thoughts off the vino and put your focus into your work. The workplace is not the time to be the unmemorable wallflower, with an average job performance. When you set foot in your place of work, that is the time to show how dynamic of a worker you are and how serious you take your career. Luckily for you, I have the 10 essential ways to do just that. Follow this mini-guide on how to stand out in the workplace.

1. Always Represent Your Brand

Have a passion for your company and what you do. Not only will your enthusiasm for your company show in your behavior but this will heighten the quality of work you do and, ultimately, impress your employer (and clients).

2. Dress The Part

When you’re at work, you want to look the part and dress in a professional manner. The last thing you want to do is look underdressed, revealing or unkempt. Dedicate time to establish a solid and stylish wardrobe for work – which over time will become automatic and effortless.  If you wear a work inform, always make sure your uniform is clean, your hair is neat, avoid chipped polish ( I use gel-polish as it lasts longer and I know some busy ladies who now just buff their nails at home which is less high-maintenance but equally polished) and make sure that your makeup is not overboard. These same rules also apply to those without a designated uniform, as well.

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3. Contribute Regularly In Meetings

When in a meeting, many find it easy to simply sit and agree to what is being discussed. However, your employer is looking for those that speak up and have something to contribute to the issues at hand. Go into a meeting prepared and understand what topics are going to be discussed. Convey your ideas in a simple manner, but with enthusiasm. Show that you are in-tune and interested with whats being discussed by asking intelligent questions.

4. Be Proactive

Being proactive entails taking the initiative to take control of a situation and its outcome, i.e. to find the solution to any obstacle before a problem arises. Therefore, keeping any issues at bay. As a boss – I find that the my most valuable team members are those that not only see problems – they provide suggestions on how to overcome said issues.

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5. Take The Lead When Possible

Exercise and develop your leadership skills (yes its a skill – and anyone can develop them with time and practice) by taking the initiative to take the lead every once in . a while. Offer to take the on a new project or  spearhead the planning of the company’s annual picnic. It may not be the most prestigious or glamorous assignment but, whatever it may be, find an activity that needs to be done and accomplish it. In fact, taking on non-glamorous and low-key projects is best when you its your first time taking on something as a lead. Look for projects that will showcase your skills, as well, this will be a plus when the time comes for your evaluation.

6. Go Above & Beyond

It’s amazing to me that 80% of the time – most people are just doing the minimum at work. Leaders and oustanding employees are always continually striving to improve. Do this by listening to the feedback you receive from your employer or co-workers and actually apply whats being said to your performance. Soon you’ll realize that all the areas they would need to correct your work, no longer need correcting. This will save them the headache of extra work and impress them, at the same time.

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7. Be A Team Player

Don’t be the lone-wolf kind of worker. Being a team player will help you develop necessary and valuable relationships with your co-workers and show your employer that you get along well with others- which is essential in the workplace.

8. Be Friendly and Kind, Without Being A Pushover

Similar to be a team player, being friendly and kind to those in the workplace will help you to build good relationships with those you work with. Take an interest in your co-workers. Be available to help them when they need assistance. However, don’t let anyone take advantage of you and your kindness. Don’t become the person everyone thinks they can dump their work on when they don’t want to do the work themselves.

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9. Own Up To Your Mistakes

Don’t be the person that tries to place their mistakes on others or shift the blame onto someone else. Be honest and own up to the mistakes you’ve made. Your co-workers and employers will appreciate you for it.

10. Communicate Effectively

From experience, a lot of friction at work is actually due to miscommunication or words said in anger. I find that just repeating what someone has told you in your own words, or discussing (in a friendly way) about vague issues resolves a lot. Be aware when your emotions are taking over – when I am feeling angry, I try to hold off saying anything or emailing anyone for a couple of hours. Anger and frustration can stop you from thinking clearly and saying things you will later regret. Being a great communicator is one of those skills that will help you in all aspects of your professional and personal lives -which is why, it’s also the most valuable skill.

Let’s Conquer The World, In Style.

A Rendezvous at the New LAX

White Military Jacket

Los Angelenos might be familiar with the #LAXisHappening campaign taking over Instagram and Twitter feeds. An elevated way of saying “pardon the dust,” Los Angeles International Airport has been undergoing a major facelift in the form of a Fred Segal boutique, not-your-typical-airport-food eateries and luxury lounges.

Of course, I couldn’t help taking a peek while waiting for my flight to Kuala Lumpur a few weeks ago.

Rachel Zoe Military Jacket
Pink Leather Passport Cover
Los Angeles Airport Uber

Thank goodness for Uber — my secret weapon to getting everywhere in la la land.

Travel Outfit
Leather Bag Tag
Leather Bag
Ann Taylor Striped Sweater

As someone who has made LAX her second home by default (blame those 4am redeye work trips), I was delighted to see that the changes were not only aesthetically chic but that the overall airport experience changed.

Nina Ricci Sunglasses

There was still quite a bit of construction going on, but the line up of newly-opened duty-free shops and Sunset-worthy restaurants was impressive.

Style Note
Rachel Zoe White Military Jacket similar here
Ann Taylor Black & White Striped Sweater
Ralph Lauren Black Knee High Boots similar here
Bang and Olufsen Headphones
Nina Ricci Sunglasses
Read more about what’s new on LAX here

9 Rules To Follow If You Work During Vacation

A working holiday might sound like an oxymoron, but there are actually good reasons you might want to sneak in some hours while taking your vacation.  A study shows that 47% of people feel less stressed if they don’t completely disconnect from work. Another study found that more than 50% of workers find they’re more productive when they can stay plugged in.  Just don’t over do it – holidays are a time to regroup and relax so that you can return to the office refreshed.  Peek these tips to help you check-in and check-out at the same time:


1. Before you leave town, remember to add an auto email reply that states you’ll be out of the office for x period of time, and include a contact person if there is an urgent work matter.  It will at least slow the number of people who expect you to respond and take the pressure off knowing that in an emergency, someone else will also be contacted to handle the matter.

2. Plan ahead and before you leave, decide which project(s) must be tackled while you’re away and then feel good about leaving everything else waiting until you return.  Print out and organize all the info you’ll need for that project so that you can work on it even when you don’t have internet access.  It may sound old-school, but you can’t always count on modern technology.


3. Speaking of modern technology, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. You may not always have internet access or it might be really slow.  I use a Mifi so that I don’t have to depend on hotel or airport Internet access and I don’t have to worry about security.  Also, bring an extra power-strip because often hotel rooms (especially quaint, older B&Bs or reconfigured manors) won’t have enough outlets for you to plug all your technology into.

4. Install a secondary browser on your laptop that doesn’t require quick Internet to load.  Strip it of most of your bookmarks, bells and whistles so that you can just boot up and perform basic work tasks like checking your email.

5. You can keep in touch via phone conferences if need be.  Just be prepared to find a quiet place ahead of time so you’re not calling in while marimbas play in the background.


6. Similarly, you may offer to attend a virtual meeting via Skype (or similar means).  Just remember that you don’t want to log-on to a virtual meeting sitting by the pool in your bikini.  So pack something presentable if you think that could occur.

7. Plan-ahead for your downtime. Check your itinerary and look for moments when you’ll have nothing to do.  For example, plan on working while you’re on planes or on buses.

8. Set limits as to what you will accomplish.  Don’t tackle time-consuming elaborate projects.  It’s OK to delegate tasks to a coworker while swinging from a hammock so that when you return, you’re not faced with an overflowing inbox.

9. Set boundaries as to how much time you’ll spend working and during what hours you’ll be working.  During the rest of the day, be completely present with your friends/family or just enjoying your holiday.   Wake up an hour early to check email (especially if the time difference is in your favor).  Or, if you’re in the tropics, consider taking the hottest hours to sit in air-conditioning and work.  In my case, as much as my boyfriend will claim that he’ll be go-go-go on vacation, I know that he’ll be taking a siesta mid-day between his beer at lunch. I take that time to work while he’s snoozing.


Look, let’s face it – we all sneak moments while in the office when we check our personal Facebook page, or Pinterest, or order something off Amazon that we suddenly remember we need.  So if someone complains that you shouldn’t be working during your time off, just smile and offer to email them a cute cat-photo when you get back to the office and call it even.

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