La Prairie’s new product will help you get to work on time.

I have always hated multi-step fussiness when it comes to skincare.

Heidi Nazarudin La Prairie Closeup Portrait

So when the good folks at La Prairie recently sent me some products to try and told me that its a multi-functional wonder I got excited. Introducing the the La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Transforming Cream SPF 30, which is an Awesome 3-in-1 Product:


It’s an oil-free product that has SPF 30 sun protection, moisturizes and brightens. It comes with an adorable brush that helps you put it on easily (although I have to say I’ve always liked using my fingers and find that using my digits gives the same result.)

makeup brush swatch

The product comes in a very luxurious bottle and feels absolutely great on my face. And best of all I save so much time – all I need to do is put on some mascara, blusher and lipstick and I’m ready for the door!

If you find that your skin is a bit on the oily side like mine, brushing on some powder before heading out the door and throughout the door would help get the shine monster at bay.

Heidi Nazarudin Dress by Worth

I am wearing the La Prairie Transforming 3-in-1 tinted moisturizer on my face.

My dress is by Worth New York.

The Must Have Beauty App For Busy Bees

airbrush makeup by stylebee

In doing your Hair and Makeup, make sure that it will support your style concept and give you maximum benefits with a minimum number of products. Check your dresser and your bathroom when was the last time that you de-clutter the things that you rarely use to the overused brushes or sponges. Here is some guide to help you manage your beauty products


Check for your brushes if it is still usable or do you need to buy a new one, torn bristles can damage hair often and its unhealthy for the scalp.

Heidi Nazarudin for Stylebee

Hair Accessory

Determine the clips that you are using often, throw away ponytails that is loose and those rusty overused bobby pins.

Hot Iron

If you have one or 3 hot irons in your bathroom check if they are all still working, check the plates if it still good to use, broken plates can damage more so make sure that you clean them after use and store them neatly.

Stylebee Hair Styling


If you’re the type of girl who stores about 2-4 blowers at home, think again, check if it is still working, if it is still clean to use. There’s a trend in the market right now wherein you could just change the nozzle of your blower instead of buying different types of it. You’ll be able to save more cash to buy for some important stuff.


Check if the sprays you are using is damaging your hair a lot, try considering a more organic approach, it’s a much cheaper plus its ecofriendly. Verify the expiration dates of the sprays that you have, throw away those empty cans and store only about 2 sprays so it won’t occupy your space a lot.

Woman Getting Hair done


If this is one of the accessories that you would never leave home without, I beg of you: make sure that your hair extensions are clean and well-maintained. Wash them to remove any product residue so that you will be able to use them for a longer period of time. Good hair extensions can be very pricey so it’s important to take care of them.

Shampoo / Conditioners

There are a lot of varieties of shampoo to choose from, most of them promises to give you the result that you’re looking for in days, so there you go, bought dozens different kind of shampoos to choose from and ended stacking up those unused and used shampoo in your bathroom. First determine what hair type do you have and what do you need? find the one that suits your hair consider buying organic shampoos wherein it has less chemicals which eventually can damage your hair if overuse.

Stylebee makeup

Any other hair or makeup tips you’d like to share?

Amazing hair & makeup by Florah Leverett of Stylebee.

It List: Lippies

Heidi Nazarudin at the Majestic Hotel

Let your lips do the talking! Lippies are #1 on my beauty must-haves. Definitely an all-time guilty pleasure, hoarding up on lippies is a never-ending indulgence. It’s my number one pick-me up makeup that can immediately boost up my mood or confidence despite a long hustling day at work. Plus, it’s the easiest way to make a fashion statement! I’m sure you ladies could agree that lippies give the pop of color you need to complete any look. Check out the list below to see the lippies I would totally vouch for:


What’s your favorite lip color?

Fashionable Woman In All Red

Taken at The Majestic Hotel
Photography by Mandy Aileen | Red Dress Designed by FIZIWOO

Makeup by Anna Sherie

How To Look Fab In Five Mins Flat ( Promise!)

This is a sponsored post by Clarins – but the opinion is all my own.


My first interaction with Clarins began when I was very young, when I would watch my mother put on various creams and lotions from this respected French skincare brand on her porcelain skin. And on and off over the next couple of decades, I would ‘borrow’ her Clarins moisturizing creams and sun care lotions – all good, but I guess in a way, my inner rebel refused to actually purchase anything from Clarins due to the fact that it is one of my mother’s favorite skincare brands.

Well  now that I am older and more mature ( read: More and more, I often found myself purchasing and wearing the same items  as my mother, so we obviously like a lot of the same things, so why fight it?) I don’t have such petty issues anymore and so when Clarins wanted me to try out their makeup for their 5/10/15 minute makeup challenge, I thought, “Why not?”

First of all, they sent me quite a bit of product. I mean THREE bottles of foundations? But I was not deterred. I actually drove to the Clarins counter in Nordstrom Santa Monica ( shout out to Katerina at Clarins, you are now my favoritest Nordstrom salesperson) and asked the lovely Katerina to explain to me about said foundations (will try to cover this in a future blogpost).

But before that some facts about my skin:

Clarins’ Teint Haute Tenue ( and now I am a convert!) is one of the foundations given to me, and it was the one I used for all my looks because it has buildable medium-to-full coverage as well as  bamboo extract which is soothing to oily skin ( and I’m telling you, it makes my skin looks flawless.). Other than the fact I’ve yet to use the other types of foundations they sent me, I used the instructions on their site as follows:

5 mins To Natural … using 5 products :

Here I used  the foundation + Clarins brow kit ( I have really fair/fine brows!) + Cream Blush shade 02 (used this on my cheeks and lips) +  Be Long Mascara, and Instant Light + Natural Lip Perfector in Rose.

It really took me less than 5 mins to put on my makeup on and I believe the secret is the amazing foundation. I mean, if you have a great base, it’s really hard to mess things up. As you can see, there is slight undereye darkness because I am not wearing any concealer, but I think for days when you’re not really looking to see anyone, or when you’re in a rush, this 5 minute routine is perfect.

clarins-makeup-foundation-5-minutes look

10 Mins To Polished … using 8 products:

Here I used  everything I used before , but adding the instant concealer after putting on foundation, lining my eyes with the Crayon Kohl pencil and putting on some bright pink Rouge Eclat lippy in Sweet Rose.

I have to admit, this is the look I love the most. Concealer as once famous makeup artist once said, is the secret of the universe and Clarins’ amazing concealer instantly brightens up my eyes. Also, the bright lipstick just makes me feel happier.


15 Mins To Fabulous … using 10 products:

So it happened that it was date night that night so I had 5 more minutes to turn my 10 minutes “polished” look to ‘”fabulous” . Here I used the 3 dot liner on my upper eyelids, and swapped my pink lipstick with Rouge Eclat in red fuchsia. I also changed my parting ( a trick I learned to refresh volume). Tadaaaa :

Using clarins makeup to fabulous

PS: I don’t know why I look more pale here, but I find that wearing red lipstick always makes me look a less tanned. Or maybe it’s the night time lighting.

And now,  for you my dear Ambitionistas … do enter to WIN –  Clarins’ Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Rose.  All you have to do is click here, then come back and comment on which Heidi do you like the best.