Shopping As An Experience

Shopping in New York

One way to help minimize your impulsive buys is to treat shopping as a special experience. It’s very easy to get distracted when you while away your free time walking the aisles of the department store, but if you make shopping a special “event”, then you’re more likely to spend more time thinking before you make any purchases.

NYC Shopping

For example, shopping can be a special bonding event for you and your loved ones. It’s not about wanting to buy things. You don’t even have to buy anything at all. Spending time at the mall testing products and trying out new clothes can be a fun experience. Invite your female friends or family members. If you’re a mom, bring your daughter and spend a fun day looking at great new trends or the latest colors in makeup.

Shopping Tip

Best of all, it’s a short period of time wherein you can exchange ideas and get to know more about your shopping partner. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or not. You probably have some tips or advice you can share. The same thing applies to your shopping partner, who can bring some insight or necessary honesty when you’re looking at clothes.

Here are some tips to remember when out shopping with someone you love and cherish:

White fur and Red clutch
Heidi Nazarudin Saks Fifth Avenue
Heidi Nazarudin
heidi closeup earring
Shopping Tips

Have you got a shopping tip you’d like to share?

How To Develop a 4 Season, 365 Capsule Collection

Heidi Nazarudin Venice Canals

Creating a wardrobe for 4 seasons maybe challenging but if you have the right guide definitely you’ll save yourself from tons of $ of buying clothes that aren’t even working or not going to work even if you match it with the most expensive pair of shoes that you have

The 4-Season Fashion Guide

Bejeweled Shirt
Prada Bag
Black Gucci Heels

Spend on clothes that are usable in all season, jeans, shorts, t-shirts, blouse, dress buying these will save you tons for the next season, Why? Because these garments can match anything whether you top your jeans with a cashmere coat, spaghetti strap, blazers and sweaters. It is considered as a versatile clothing.

Consider the fabric, cotton is always a safe choice in choosing any clothes, but with this one you can invest on any fabric that you prefer satin, chiffon, lycra whatever works for you.

Casual Office Prada Bag
Venice Canals Spring
Sunglass Aviators

Choose the design and cut that suits your figure, nothing can go wrong with a pencil cut, hip hugging slacks or a bust enhancing blouse. choose a design that is neutral, means you can pair it with another garment with a different design but it won’t clash each pieces. Choose a cut for a dress that is suitable for you, consider your height, the length, how tight and how eye-catching it will be.

Casual Office Look

What’s your versatile go-to fashion piece?

Photographed by Sabrina Hill


How To Develop Your Signature Beauty Look

Spring Portrait Beauty Shot in Garden


Having a signature look is what defines you, It represents your own personal style and It is the best start for your fun style journey.

Heidi Nazaurdin at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Orchids at The Majestic Hotel
The Majestic Hotel Garden High Tea Setting

…how can I be unique?

Being unique doesn’t mean you have to be bold and different in every way. Unique means that you’ll be able to stand out, let’s put it this way you’re at a tea party and when you entered the room a lady from the corner table is also wearing the same turquoise skirt that you have on. How do you stand out girl?

Heidi Nazarudin wears FIZIWOO
Pink Satin Gown by FIZIWOO


Spring Floral Beauty Closeup
Purple Orchids
Garden Tea Party


What’s your signature beauty look?

This beautiful tea time garden setting was taken at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Photography by Mandy Aileen | Gorgeous Pink Gown Designed by FIZIWOO

Makeup by Anna Sherie

Go green this St. Patrick’s Day

Fashionable Lady in Green Dress on Venice Beach Boardwalk

Going green this St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t just mean making sure to recycle any beer bottles you see lying around after a party. Because I love any excuse for dressing up, naturally an excuse to rock green on St.Patty’s appeal to me. But there is no reason why I can’t still look amazing while doing so.

By the way – Tradition has it that wearing green made one invisible to leprechauns who might pinch you. Just be careful picking the green that looks good with your coloring. And though Ireland may be the Emerald Isle, but there are other green gemstones.  Which are you?

Model profile glamour shot on venice beach

Let Ireland keep their Blarney Stone while you opt for a more precious one.  Green is thought to attract growth in all areas including wealth, health and happiness.  Those strike me as better reasons to wear green than trying to avoid those nipping leprechauns.

Shopping As An Investment

Wardrobe Investments

Sometimes, you’ll have to make an investment. This means that you’ll have to pay more for certain items in your wardrobe. Now don’t think of this as unnecessary luxury. You’re not spending extra because you want to feel special. Instead, you’re spending a bit more money because you want this wardrobe staple to last for years. As mentioned repeatedly, you’re building your foundation. If your foundation is weak, nothing else you pile on it will work out make it work. Since you are working on something as important as your fashion foundation, you can’t afford to deal with disposable pieces that won’t last past more than one season.

Style 101 Wardrobe Investments

So when buying an investment piece – the last thing you should care about are labels. Instead, you should learn to look at the fabric, the craftsmanship, and all the small details that contribute to the item’s longevity. There are two things you want in a wardrobe investment. One, the item has to remain in good shape for years to come. Two, the item should look classic and timeless – it should never go out of style. Your goal is to become an educated consumer,. where unnecessarily expensive items no longer sway you. You want to pick out items that are classic and well made. Quality and timelessness are all you need for your investment pieces.

Style 101 Wardrobe Investments

One thing you’ll have to work on is the matter of identifying the difference between cheap and inexpensive. The two seem like synonyms, but they are not. There are a people who use these words interchangeably but that’s only because they don’t understand the difference. When using these words – as pertaining to fashion – you will realize that these are far from synonyms and in fact have very different implications.

Cheap does not always pertain to the price. When something is “cheap”, this can refer to the poor quality or shoddy material used. Some designer brands are guilty of creating “cheap” products even when charging very high prices. Something can look “cheap”, too, by being too risqué. Sometimes, it’s the material that makes the item look cheap. If, of example, you buy a clothing item that’s completely made of synthetic materials it can often look cheap.

Inexpensive items, on the other hand, are affordable but well-made items. They are high quality, and can even look expensive because of the materials used. While people look at “cheap” items and wonder which flea market they came from, inexpensive items can still to wow people. They may even ask you for advice to see if they can buy the same item for themselves.

Your goal is not to fool people into thinking you bought something designer-made or expensive. What you want is to find something relatively affordable but made from of good materials and with high quality craftsmanship. And for me, finding these timeless well made items is worth investing time in.

Style 101 Wardrobe Investments

Happy Shopping!


Affluence in the face of the growing global economic troubles of the world seems cruel and unnecessary. This is why more and more people – even die-hard fashionistas, for example – are now recalibrating their sense of style. It’s no longer about the “it” bag or this season’s trendiest shoes. It’s about looking good without spending too much.

173_9_28_15HeidiOreos - edited

Being money-savvy is attractive.  These days, it’s about recalibrating your priorities. It isn’t not cool to be selfish – at all. This latest economic downturn has led a lot of people to rethink their priorities. Now, it’s not enough that you provide for yourself. You have to think about how your actions and affect the people around you. That is is why you see the fashionable set becoming more socially conscious and aware of how their buying choices affect the world.

191_9_28_15HeidiOreos - edited
177_9_28_15HeidiOreos - edited

It’s no longer cool to be spending way too much. In fact, in-your-face opulence can be a turn- off. Instead, you get points for being very conscious of how the world works and how your actions can affect the planet’s ecological balance. You now know why the Prius is a much smarter choice over some gas guzzling muscle car. It’s cool to be aware, rather than to be blindly and mindlessly chasing after ever- changing fashion trends.

197_9_28_15HeidiOreos - edited

How To Develop A Color Palette


There are a lot of colors to choose from in mix and matching your wardrobe which is divided into 6 groups:



Consists of amber shade, flesh color, teal, pale yellow. To easily describe it think of sunset, brick walls, chic curtains.



Imagine ocean with cool breezy atmosphere, lavenders on the fields. Usually baby blues, lilac, mint green, cream.



It’s like your usual attire going to work or just going to buy some coffee, black blazers, white trousers or blouse, nude pumps.




Fun, energetic and wild, feel spring, think about sunflowers, gerbera daisies.




As light as a cotton candy, shades of colors with high tones of white.




Dark and vivid. Remember the little black dress that you wore and you matched it with magenta pumps when you went out on a date with your boss. These shades are usually high tones of black.


It is your choice what palette suites you, you could mix the colors for a dramatic look or just choose mid tone hues for a classy sophisticated outcome. Make sure to choose colors that are complimenting each other and will help to make you look good, Of course we wouldn’t want to be the dress as the focal point whenever you arrive in any gathering it should be you and the pieces that you put together will accentuate your features.


All the amazing outfits on this post are c/o Thomas Wylde