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    TheAmbitionista.com has ads on the site, and accepts select sponsored posts. This means we get paid and/or are given free things for talking about a brand, a product or a service.

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    Any blog posts that are sponsored by an outside brand or company i.e. where payment has been exchanged and/or products and services have been given for a blog feature or endorsement will be clearly marked by a ” This Post has been Sponsored By …” or a “Products Courtesy of” phrase at the start and/or end of said blog post.

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    If there are any links to a product page, we may get a commission either from the you clicking on the link ( commonly known as Pay Per Click links) or from the sale of the product (commonly known as a commission payment.)

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    We also sometimes get paid to promote brands and products our social media channels. In this case , these posts would clearly be marked with either the hashtag #Ad, #Collab or #Sponsored right at the start or end of the post.

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    If there are any questions , please do not hesitate to contact the blog administrator directly at contact [at] theambitionista.com

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    To know more in depth about the FTC and how this affect bloggers. click here.