Fall Trends To Watch For

This is a guest blog post by Katie William

Summer is finally drawing to a close. It’s about time for what many consider to be the year’s coziest and most inviting season – when the weather cools off but creature comforts emerge, and we all settle into a sort of pre-holiday season contentment. Or at least, that’s how I think of it! I also always love to see the fall styles emerging in look books and on internet blogs. There’s just a little more that can be done with styles for the cooler seasons, so it’s nice to see what’s new with each coming year.

I could never get to tall the exciting looks we’re seeing for 2017, but here are a few trends to watch for.


Fringe is the kind of trend that circles back around now and then. Indeed, it was just a few years ago that during the spring one style site noted that celebrities were binging on fringe– and perhaps that’s what’s brought this fun little clothing quirk back around for the fall of 2017. Sometimes it takes a little time for a celebrity or runway style to truly trickle down to more mainstream stores and outlets. At any rate, on dresses, jackets, skirts, and most anything else you’d like, fringe is in this season. It’s always a nice way to strike a carefree look without losing any sense of elegance.

Heidi Nazarudin wears Fringe  


This might be my favorite trend in five years. Unfortunately it’s a little bit difficult to discuss because it appears to cover a huge range of looks, but suffice it to say bedroom-inspired fashion (at least, the appropriate kind) is making its way to the streets this autumn. That can mean silky-looking, matching top-and-bottom sets, open blouses tied by sashes, and even robe-like coats for cooler days. Pajamas basically exist to keep us comfortable, and using pajama inspiration for everyday looks extends that comfort to entire days out of the house.


That’s right! We may expect to revisit 2016, when a certain politician named Hillary Clinton popularized the pantsuit in ways we never really could have predicted. Let us not forget, Clinton was once thought of as such a shoe-in for the presidency that bookmakers announced her as the next Commander-in-Chief, and many of her followers delighted in imitating her signature fashion sense. Now, several fashion blogs and even Marie Claire have highlighted the possible emergence of pantsuits during the fall season – though we’re mostly seeing slightly more stylish and less businesslike versions of the attire.

Moody Florals

This isn’t my term, but it’s a hard trend to describe in a way, so I’m borrowing it from Glamour’s rundown of six fall fashion trends to shop. The idea is basically to present an autumn-inspired version of the light and playful floral patterns we so often see in the spring. This means darker tones and, as they put it, a “moody” overall look, though you don’t want to go so far as to be glum. Some of the looks there, including dresses with dimmer coloring and little bright spots of blossoms, display the idea perfectly.

Heidi Nazarudin wears floral dress  


I’ll finish up with a trend that sounds a little bit bland on the surface. Even the name itself is dull: plaid. But plaids in autumn tones are always comforting in their own way, and the pattern can go on most any article of clothing you like. Plaid tops, skirts, and sweaters in particular have been on display in fall look books, and you might also consider combining this look with the aforementioned PJ trend. Does it get much cozier-looking than that?



  • Kyla Adams says:

    Heidi is my idol, she’s definitely a trendsetter and a fashion icon!

  • Angelique says:

    Yes to fringe!!

  • Daenerys of the South says:

    LOve that floral skirt/dress, looks really cute and pretty!

  • Arianne says:

    I agree with the pajamas! I see a lot of people, mostly celebrities, who are comfortably wearing PJs on social events like awards shows and they easily pulled off the look. Really perfect for this season.

  • Hannah says:

    Pajamas are getting all the attention lately. I love seeing celebs clad in their PJs, makes me feel like I’m one of them.

  • Leigh Curtis says:

    I’m currently loving the pantsuits lately. Most of the ones I have, I used in some special events like hosting. Kinda like how I look professional and still casual at the same time.

  • Louise says:

    I super love that floral dress, Heidi! You look adorable! 😍😍

  • Sophia says:

    I’m digging the fringe style!! 💕💕

  • Vanessa V. says:

    Plaid is certainly the IN thing this coming fall season, but I would also love to try on new ones, like the fringe! Looks edgy and exciting!

  • Katerina says:

    So stylish babe!

  • Shauna says:

    Love that floral pattern! Would enjoy wearing this too. Love this trend ideas.

  • Jazzie C. says:

    Oh gosh, you’re a trendsetter! I see many women wearing fringe layered clothes lately and it’s really lovely!

  • Elizabeth Hope says:

    I am partial to plaids, especially this coming season. I’ve got lots of plaid tops and skirts, but if I get tired of the trend, I am all for the florals and fringe too!

  • Susan Armstrong says:

    Autumn is my favorite season, it’s so beautiful and serene and I always find peace during fall. I’ve always worn plaid though, so this time, I’d love to try out fringes too!

  • Savannah Jane says:

    In this weather, I’d love to stay indoors (okay, mostly in bed) and just cuddle with my pet pugs.. I am definitely going to be the Pajama Lady this season.

  • Stella Suarez says:

    Loving all these trends, especially pajamas! I could wear it all day!

  • Carissa says:

    I usually wear plaid during fall season.. But it looks like I’m gonna go floral this time around. Love that floral dress Heidi is wearing!

  • Regina says:

    Loving the jumpsuits lately! I wish I could pull this outfit off this season. And the floral patterns too!

  • Jennifer says:

    PJs!! Yes, you can never go wrong with pajamas!

  • Macy says:

    I love fringe, I feel like dancing all the time with my fringe skirt, plus it looks utterly pretty when I twirl!

  • Kellie Saks says:

    That fringe skirt looks awesome!!

  • Brooke Archer says:

    Loving that fringe skirt!! I have some outfits here that’s got fringes and now that I know that they’re on trend, I’d be happy to wear them soon!!

  • Ericka Haynes says:

    I go for plaids during Fall, I don’t know why, but I’ve always liked this style, this trend, it brings me comfort all throughout the season. And well, I am also a PJ lover, so these looks would definitely be my style this coming months.

  • Deanna Webster says:

    Pajamas this season? Yes, why not!! It’d be a blast 🙂

  • Holly says:

    Wow, that fringe skirt looks rad! Would love to wear it too!

  • Lorelei Chung says:

    Pajamas are my favorite trend too, whether it be winter or fall. I see lots of models wearing them even in events, and I love how each are styled differently but comfortably.

  • Helga says:

    I usually wear moody florals during spring and summer, but of course, they also look good in fall. Definitely love the one Heidi is wearing, looks so chic and sassy!

  • Georgina says:

    Not really a big fan of pantsuits but I see a number of legit celebs able to pull this look off. I would very much try it too.

  • Maggie Walt says:

    Love all these trends!

  • Monica says:

    Love all these fall trends and tips! Fall is such a beautiful season, it’s my favorite all year round.. Orange happens to be my fave color that’s why I love everything about fall.

  • Sarah G says:

    Pajamas all the way this season! Yes!

  • MJ Walters says:

    I’m enjoying this season immensely with my PJs, both at home and on my way to work.. and then it’s pantsuits while I’m having a meeting at my office. Yes, so love love love Fall!

  • Zoe says:

    Loving that floral print on you Heidi!

  • Hannah says:

    I actually love plaid and it’s been my tradition to wear plaid during fall..

  • Jesse Pringles says:

    Pajamas? Oh wow, that would be so much fun!

  • Pamela Roberston says:

    Currently obsessed with fringe!!

  • Ilenea says:

    My favorite trends are the pajamas.. It’s perfect for all kinds of season, I think!

  • Suzie Royale says:

    I haven’t perfected the art of wearing pantsuits, so I am wearing mostly plaids and florals lately.. I wanna try fringe, too!

  • DeeDee Cash says:

    Moody florals? Now that’s something that would really make me happy this fall!

  • Valerie Cayman says:

    These are cool fall trends! Love wearing fringe lately, too!

  • Jazzie C. says:

    Everything you wear and recommend is definitely going to be a trend!

  • Foxxy Ashleigh says:

    If you ask me to wear fringe about two years ago, I wouldn’t dream of wearing it. I wasn’t really into fringe before. But as the years passed, I see the upcoming trends and developments in fashion and have realized that there’s nothing to worry about wearing fringe. I got my first dress with fringe design last summer and I am loving it!

  • Zara says:

    I’m digging the fringe this season. Definitely trendy and fun wear!

  • Riley Reed says:

    Oh gosh, I am definitely loving the pajama trend this season. It’s been really cold and balmy lately that I just want to stay in and cuddle with my pet Collie in my pjs all day.

  • Nikki Jo says:

    I love that you’re always in style with Pajamas.. I love this season among all seasons because it’s cuddling time and everything looks really beautiful, and being able to wear PJs is definitely something!

  • Veronica says:

    I gotta agree with the PJs trending this season. I see a lot of celebs and non-celebs wearing them to offices, parties and even in school, I mean designer PJs that I usually see Gigi Hadid wearing.. Classic!

  • Callie says:

    Love all these trends, but like everyone else, PJs are my favorite this season! ❤

  • Evangeline Starr says:

    The Pjs are definitely on trend this season. You could never go wrong with pajamas. Even in fashion shows, I see models and spectators wearing them. I bet this trend will go on until winter.

  • Fatima says:

    Yes, I see a lot of fringe trends these days.. I got mine too on my dress!

  • Asa Buttterscotch says:

    Love that floral dress!

  • Rebecca Summer says:

    Would love to know about your Winter essentials, too!!!

  • Natasha says:

    Love all these trends, wore mostly pantsuits and plaids in Fall.. Now that is winter, I’m wearing Pajamas all day and all night long.

  • Trisha says:

    Can you also share with us your Winter trends? Love all these fall outfits by the way 🙂

  • Vanessa V. says:

    Would love to see your choices and possible trends for spring soon!

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