Falling for Revlon’s Amazing New ColorStay™ Eye Collection #Sponsored

Traditionally in fall, the leaves on trees change color. I live in Los Angeles, where the leaves stay green year round, so I started getting into the spirit by changing my hairstyle and color. And naturally, soon after I wanted to try new makeup, which was why collaborating with Revlon and highlighting the new products in their ColorStay™ Eye Collection was something I was looking forward to.

heidi nazarudin for revlon

Wearing Revlon’s ColorStay™ Eye Collection on my eyebrows and eyes and their Kiss™ Balm on my lips. I know this does not look anything like fall weather, but it’s really warm here in Southern California. #SorryNotSorry

Specifically, I am really loving Revlon’s new ColorStay™ Brow Pencils, 2 in 1 Angled Kajal™ Liners and their ColorStay™ Crème Eye Shadow. I’ve worked with Revlon before on a few campaigns so I knew I was in good hands. But I was really excited because the eyes are my most favorite area to play up with vivid colors.


The surprised look you get when your makeup stays on for a really, really long time in warm fall weather.

ColorStay™ is the right name for these new products. The eye makeup lasted very long (on me it stayed on for at least 10 hours) and more importantly, the products are waterproof, so I didn’t sweat it away (I did say I live in LA where it still gets up to 80F on some fall days).


Here’s what I used:

• ColorStay™ Brow Pencil in Soft Brown. The angled tip made it a breeze to apply while the opposite end has a brush to smooth the hairs into shape.

• 2 in 1 Angled Kajal ™Liner in Graphite. The smoky eye is no longer daunting! The makeup side of the wand is angled so that it does the work for you. The other side has a brush to smudge the makeup into the perfect blend.

• ColorStay™ Crème Eye Shadow in Pistachio (a beautiful silver-green) and Caramel (a shimmering and universally flattering rose gold). More than just beautiful colors here - the packaging is brilliant. Finally, the brush is incorporated into the round cap of the shadow itself so that I won’t be searching for, losing, and eventually buying a replacement brush. Plus it would be hard to duplicate the innovative brush that has three edges so that you can apply in different ways to suit your mood and look. And for oilier skin (like mine), I was surprised I didn’t even have to use a primer first. The pigmentation was bright, even and lasted throughout the day (for me).


*Eye shadow color tip: rose gold and jewel tones work for almost every skin tone,
so you might want to try those first if you want to experiment!


From Top Left to Bottom Right: Revlon ColorStay™ Crème Eye Shadows, Kiss™ Balm ColorStay 2-in-1 Kajal™ Liner and ColorStay™ Brow Pencil. I love them all, but the brow pencils and eye shadows are my favorites.

revlon-strawberry-kiss-balm revlon-kiss-balm-in-strawberry

I also tried Revlon’s new Kiss™ Balm. Here I used Fresh Strawberry. The Kiss™ Balms may are perfect year round and include SPF 20. In the fall and winter months, these moisturizing balms are ideal either on their own, on top of lip liner, or over lipstick. (I may have oilier skin but my lips still get dry!) The compact, portable design is adorable and you don’t have to worry about leakage in your purse. They’re so inexpensive and wearable that I’d probably end up getting them all.


With the change in seasons upon us, I’m happy to be experimenting with Revlon’s new makeup. In fact, with Thanksgiving coming up I can even say I’m thankful to Revlon for their long-lasting pieces. And I’m going to be stocking up on quite a few of the Kiss™ Balms to use as stocking-stuffers this Christmas.


Revlon’s Kiss™ Balms (I’m using Fresh Strawberry in the picture above) are the only holiday treats that won’t cause you to gain any weight - so feel free to get as many as you like.

‘Tis the season!

This post is sponsored by Revlon through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write about Revlon, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.



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