How To Develop A Color Palette


There are a lot of colors to choose from in mix and matching your wardrobe which is divided into 6 groups:



Consists of amber shade, flesh color, teal, pale yellow. To easily describe it think of sunset, brick walls, chic curtains.



Imagine ocean with cool breezy atmosphere, lavenders on the fields. Usually baby blues, lilac, mint green, cream.



It’s like your usual attire going to work or just going to buy some coffee, black blazers, white trousers or blouse, nude pumps.




Fun, energetic and wild, feel spring, think about sunflowers, gerbera daisies.




As light as a cotton candy, shades of colors with high tones of white.




Dark and vivid. Remember the little black dress that you wore and you matched it with magenta pumps when you went out on a date with your boss. These shades are usually high tones of black.


It is your choice what palette suites you, you could mix the colors for a dramatic look or just choose mid tone hues for a classy sophisticated outcome. Make sure to choose colors that are complimenting each other and will help to make you look good, Of course we wouldn’t want to be the dress as the focal point whenever you arrive in any gathering it should be you and the pieces that you put together will accentuate your features.


All the amazing outfits on this post are c/o Thomas Wylde



  • Gabrielle S. says:

    Oh Heidi, whatever palette you chose, you look beautiful in it. I love all your clothes!

  • Jenni Clarence says:

    I am more of a patterns and swirls person, and I love colorful clothes.. I think my wardrobe is a rainbow chest if you could just see it. Thanks, as always, for sharing your fashion palette techniques.

  • AShley Fox says:

    It’s great to see you wearing all color types, I think white and florals look great on you. I hope I could do justice to these color palettes too. But seeing that I’m round and plump, I think it’s best to settle for dark/black ones, don’t you think?

  • Helga says:

    Heidi, you are one true fashion chameleon. And a gorgeous one at that! Every color fits you!

  • Valerie Simmons says:

    Now if only I got a wardrobe full of these beautiful and colorful clothes….

  • Wynona says:

    My color palette is dark, I think that’s the safest choice because you could never go wrong with something black. You can go from formal to semiformal by adding some accents or accessories so it won’t look boring.

    • Heidi says:

      You’re right. A dark color palette leaves you with so many options for accents! It’s also such a classic look, it’s hard to go wrong!

  • Carmencita says:

    I wonder what palette red falls into? Most of my clothes are deep shades of crimson.

  • Leigh Curtis says:

    I am more of a pastel kind of girl. Pink, skyblue, peach.. And yes, florals and patters too. I guess my palette is distinctly colorful!

  • Arianne says:

    Me, my color preference depends on the season. Here in my country, we are already approaching summer. So I prefer using pastels and whites nowadays.

  • Nikki says:

    All your outfits look amazing indeed! I wish I could pull these outfits off. I don’t know what color palette suits me, but given my round figure, I think black is what looks good on me.

  • Lorelei Chung says:

    Great tips, thank you. Me, I’ve always favored nude/beige colors, natural as they say. My folks tell me it makes me look old, so I’d try other palettes you mentioned, like the colorful ones. But with you, I think every color is perfect for your skin.

  • Margaret W. says:

    I haven’t developed any color palette but I’m particularly in love with colors. I like black and white but I am not happy with this, I prefer volume and color and noise and everything bright.

  • Pamela Hill says:

    I could say I have developed the “COOL” color palette since I love the shades of blue. I prefer sky blue and lavender any day.

  • Jules Cairn says:

    Back when I was younger, I was touted as the Gothic Emo Girl, coz everything I wore was black. But now that I’m older, I’ve embraced all the colors of the rainbow and have loved yellow and red ever since.

  • Maryanna says:

    You look absolutely stunning! You rock every color palette there is!

  • Alyzza V says:

    Perfection! ? ❤️ ??

  • RoseAnne says:

    You are certainly a goddess… All those different clothes / dresses fit you perfectly!

  • Meredith says:

    I only usually go for whites and blacks, I thought those are safe colors for my skin complexion. But you girl, you look fabulous in everything!

  • Ellen says:

    I wish I could choose the right color for me. But I’m an adventurous person and I want everything colorful. You, Heidi, look every bit the goddess you are whatever color palette you choose.

  • Cynthia Avelia says:

    I think every color suits you. Me, I’m more inclined to choose dark ones based on my skin color. But I’m not complaining, coz I actually prefer it.

  • Kimberley Chu says:

    I am a very passionate person who loves colors. I always want to wear something that screams love and happiness. Pastels would definitely be my choice.

  • Meghan says:

    Why so gorgeous Heidi? Whatever you wear, whatever color you choose, everything looks fantastic on you!

  • Corallee says:

    Love love love all the dresses here!

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