How to get salon quality hair at home

Introducing Madison Reed - salon-level hair color at home.


Feeling my hair - I am loving the rich hazelnut brown tones - isn’t it perfect for fall … or whenever? Lol.

Please note that this is a sponsored post by Madison Reed but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Coco Chanel famously said “the best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” If you’ve ever paid for that expensive salon dye job that made you want to die, you need to check out Madison Reed.


Madison Reed : Premium and customized at-home hair color.

When I first got to know about the brand I was intrigued. I had not had my hair colored at home in a while ( at least in the last 5 years) because I remembered the last time I DIY-ed my hair with a box of drugstore hair color, it turned out a bland and uneven shade of red-brown. I also hated the pungent smell of ammonia that permeated around me for the next 48 hours. So when I heard about Madison Reed I was game to try this next generation of at-home hair color.

The package from Madison Reed came in attractive boxes like so :
Here’s a close-up of their at-home hair color package. Beautiful isn’t it?

Madison Reed makes customized at-home color. This is definitely not your boxed drugstore brand where you’re expected to choose a color you’ll live with on your head simply from an ink-on-cardboard-box swatch the size of your pinkie toe.


My hair color before I colored it. It was bad.


Easy at-home hair color by Madison Reed.

Here’s what I love about the company and their products:
  • Cost. It’s not just the cost of the salon hair color, but also the fact that time is money so once I add in the commute there and back, the inevitable wait, wash, color, wait some more and dry, I’ve spent hundreds more dollars in lost income.

  • Confidence. With Madison Reed you can confidently leave the science of skin tone and hair color combining to the experts. Go to their website and take their short quiz for their recommendation. If you’re still concerned, you can call or email or live online chat. Their site also has helpful videos and a blog with more tutorials as well as fun hairstyle ideas.

  • Convenience. Delivered to your home so that you can do it whenever suits you and your schedule - not a salon’s schedule. You can even set up automatic delivery so that you don’t have to remember to order more. And don’t think you have to go it alone if you don’t want to - there are hair color experts on call to help as well as the above-mentioned tutorials which I found to be all the help I needed.

  • Company. We all want to support good companies and Madison Reed is all about using the best ingredients while avoiding unhealthy ones. They call it “Smart 6-free” because their permanent dye is free of ammonia, gluten, parabens, PPD, phthalates and resorcinol. (I don’t know what half of those are which is probably the point - they aren’t natural!)

  • Color. The all important color. The four C’s above might be there but it doesn’t mean a thing if the colors aren’t great. Fortunately they are amazing.


What my hair color looked liked in the shade.

I like to change up my hair color because I see it as part of fashion. That means, however, that it can get costly and time-consuming if I’m always headed to the salon for a change-up. So whether you’re like me and like to experiment, or if you just like to maintain your natural color, you’ll love the convenience and cost of Madison Reed.


Try it and do tell me what you think and send before and after photos - those are super fun.



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