Merging Work and Fashion in NYC: An Interview with Influencer Melissa Vale


Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Melissa Vale, another superwoman who managed to balance a competitive day job and make a name for herself in the digital space.

I couldn’t miss the chance to ask her about her job, fashion must-haves, and go-to lunch spots in NYC. P.S. Check out her tips for aspiring fashion bloggers. She completely nailed it.


Melissa, you have already built your reputation as a real estate broker before going into fashion. Can you tell me how you entered the Instagram scene?

While I was in the process of building my social media presence for my real estate business, I noticed that my fashion-oriented posts were taking off far more.
Take note: these were just casual iPhone #ootd pictures.

I had covered fashion shows and events for years for other outlets such as the Huffington Post, so this was hardly unfamiliar territory for me. That time, I really felt that I had to at least give it a shot.


What are the three things you love most about your closet?

My MKT Studio leather jacket, any of my Balenciaga bags (from the most recent purchase last year to ones that are a gazillion years old), and my Bill Blass black suede slouchy booties - I rotate these staples in with just about anything.


Can you give new fashion bloggers advice? How do you take the perfect shot?

  1. Figure out what it is that you have to bring to the table - that’s how you build your audience and distinguish yourself from millions of other fashion bloggers.

  2.  Find a good photographer that really work well with you.

  3. Engage, engage, engage. I always tell people: it’s literally like free advertising. When I was starting out, I was doing this non-stop.


Which city do you think is the most stylish--and why?

Well, I’d be a bit of a traitor if I said any other city right? New Yorkers stay chic in even the worst weather so I think we have to get extra points for that.


If you have two hours to spend on lunch, where would you go?

Sant Ambroeus - I love all the locations but I have a special fondness for the Madison Avenue location.

And if you only have 30 minutes?

Any of the Maison Kaisers - they have the best baguettes.


What’s the next step for Melissa Vale?

I know that I want to continue evolving my brand and connecting with my audience. I think the goal for many of us is to develop and give life to our business well beyond social media. You never know where this business is going to be in 5 years so it’s important to diversify. I would love to design my own collection someday! But until then, you can follow me on my adventures visually via Instagram or in long-form via my blog ; )



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