Modern Office Vs. Mimosa Lunch

Some of the best dresses are elusive shapeshifters or appropriate-in-a-variety-of-situations to be exact (but that didn't sound as sexy). A dress you can walk into the office with and grab impromptu mimosas with your girlfriends after work is invaluable.

The versatility of an office outfit that doubles as a cocktail dress saves time and the stress of running home to do a last minute change. Our friends at Claire Farwell London do a fabulous job of catering to the on-the-go woman; their collection of reversible dresses feature a smart black option on one side and a bold hue on another.


The designer herself looking elegant in one of her own innovative dresses.

My particular favorite goes to the one-shoulder, blue-black Marbella, a sneaky number that's board room-ready when paired with a casual blazer and perfect for date night with the right details. Below, I curated 4 looks you can squeeze from the Marbella.


Style Notes

Modern Office Claire Farwell London black modal reverso dress | Balmain structured blazer | Gucci leather briefcase | Christian Louboutin black platform pumps | Nixon kensington rose gold watch

Mimosa Lunch Claire Farwell London blue reverso dress | Sensi Studio lady ibiza straw sunhat | Tom Ford soft calf hair black clutch | Manolo Blahnik suede pointed toe d'Orsay pump


Style Notes

 Black Tie Affair Claire Farwell London black modal reverso dress | Prada bow wristlet | Kenneth Jay Lane waterfall earrings | Pelle Moda embellished suede pumps

 Casual Office Claire Farwell London blue reverso dress | Chloé crepe blazer | Charlotte Olympia kitty flats



  • Sophie says:

    I like how innovative we ladies could be when it comes to our outfits. I like this convertible dress ideas of yours Heidi, very in demand for office girls like me 🙂

  • Amanda says:

    Oh this is great, I love this kind of dress, the kind of outfit that can be worn in many different occasions. Great job Heidi!

  • mistydew says:

    That.Is.Stunning! I’m sure I have a couple of dress that I can use and innovate just like that, plus the accessories that would go perfectly with it..

  • Leigh says:

    Fabulous! I’m now re-arranging my closet and check out which ones I can wear and mix with my jacket/coats or blazer so it would look a bit formal or not..

  • Georgina M says:

    Now why haven’t I thought of this… It could and would definitely save me time and money with my clothes. THanks!

  • Rizza V. says:

    Of course, this wearing convertible dress isn’t applicable everyday, just only when you have a conference or would be meeting someone for lunch or after office hours. But it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared all the time, right?

  • Keanna Michaels says:

    I saw this really amazing outfit in youtube, it says it’s metrostyle, wherein the lady with a blue dress could change into 4 different styles, like wearing it like a halter, or like a tube, one-sleeve or two sleeves. Here’s the link to it, I think it can also be worn to the office and after parties

    • Margaret Walters says:

      I watched that video a few months ago, the classic reversible dress, yes that’s really cost-effective and practical to use. Thanks for suggesting that to us.

    • Hannah says:

      Wow, that was cool! I’d love to try that dress, too!

  • Raine Carlisle says:

    Wow! I like thatClaire Farwell London black reversible dress, not only it is figure-hugging, it really does look great on any occasion, so as long as you wear it with the right accessories. Thanks so much for the fashion tips and ideas!

  • I have a Farwell reversible long sleeve dress and adore it! It’s blue or black and has built in shape wear into the fabric. Wonderful when traveling too so you pack less!

  • Franceska R. says:

    Women of today are practical and innovative, I wouldn’t be surprised to see lots of ladies wearing reversible these days. Saves time and money, right?

  • Arianne says:

    Thanks for this wonderful article. I am always havin’ a hard time choosing the right outfits when I got to do two events in one day. Accessories and coats play a lot and help a lot with this instant 4-in dresses. Thanks!

  • Gabby says:

    I love dresses like this, multi-functional and still looks stylish wherever you go.

  • Wena says:

    I love these tips. Now I don’t have to worry about changing to a new outfit when there’s an emergency meeting. Thanks!

  • Ash says:

    I am doing this with some of my clothes. I mean I bring extra accessories with me like jacket/coat and two pairs of different styled eyeglasses/sunglasses to prepare for any emergency event. It really helps when the dress you’re wearing can be used in any occasion 🙂

  • Andrea says:

    Oh that Tom Ford clutch and Balmain blazer are stunning, thanks for sharing those!

  • Rizza V. says:

    You guys are awesome! I love it when you share tips and ideas like this. Makes my social life much easier 🙂 Thanks so much!

  • loreleichung says:

    My Marbella blue reverso dress arrived at my doorstep a couple of days ago and it’s awesome. I couldn’t wait to wear it on our upcoming end-of-the-month board meeting. It’s so comfy and elegant and still looks casual at the same time.

  • Bridgette says:

    I really like that Claire Farwell London dress.. Does it come in red, too? It looks amazing 🙂

    • Amanda says:

      You may want to check out their site, I think they come in red, too, but it’s a different style. Nevertheless, it’s also reverso dress so I think you’ll be pleased.

  • kylie rachel says:

    I agree! The designer definitely looks stunning on that picture, she looks so classy and elegant with her innovative red dress, it’s like something stars would wear in the upcoming Oscars!

  • Irene Kira says:

    Oh this is nice and innovative, very fit and practical for working women like me. Now I won’t have ot worry about a cocktail dress after a meeting! Thank you!

  • Steffani says:

    I love this successful woman dress tip. The reverso dress is a must-have, at least for me who’s always on the go, always have somewhere to go to. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  • MJ says:

    I am getting this for my upcoming grand opening, this reverso dress is a genius!

  • Jenni Clark says:

    Oh, this is also perfect for an after-party. Thanks for suggesting this! I love the red dress above, by the way.. I love red… can you tell? 🙂

  • Elizabeth says:

    Wow, elegant and chic yet practical convertible dress, that’s more I like it. Thanks for this wonderful idea!

  • Queenie says:

    That is indeed elegant, and practical, too. I wish I could have something like that.

  • Nelly says:

    Well, this is a fabulous idea. I would really have an outfit like this for emergency purposes. Perfect for a meeting then a lovely dinner date 🙂

  • Tamiya Rowlands says:

    Hmm, an office dress at day turned to cocktail dress at night – that is awesome! I would surely want that dress.

  • Claire says:

    Thank you all for your comments on CFL Marbella Dress:) I would like to give 20% discount to 1st 10 that order it! Email me @ for coupon code.

  • Angelique says:

    I love this idea, I won’t have a hard time deciding what to wear right after a conference in the office. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Kendall says:

    That picture of the designer with the red dress is stunning! I very much want that dress! I wish it would look good on me 🙂

  • Jazz says:

    This is definitely a lovely idea. I am getting myself a piece like this blue one and hopefully get to use it on my next out-of-town conference/retreat. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ellen says:

    Oh I love this dress, it looks stunning and elegant indeed! I am definitely going to grab one off the racks of Claire Farwell London! Thanks for the links!

  • ELizabeth says:

    That’s a killer dress! I mean, I’d definitely would love to see me fir into that gorgeous blue-black combo. I love it!

  • Margaux says:

    This convertible dress will definitely be on my dresser this weekend. I love the style and the colors, too!

  • Rakeesja says:

    NOW I won’t have to worry about that Black Tie affair my boss is sending me too right after work. This convertible dress will surely do the job!

  • Stacey Lincoln says:

    I used to bring an extra bag containing clothes change or an extra outfit every week and leave them on my office locker for emergency purposes. That way, when I was called for a field work, I can always grab my spare clothes. But an office outfit that can double as a cocktail dress at the end of the day would surely be more appropriate for me. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Naomi says:

    Wow. This is surely an elegant idea! Props to the creator / designer of this convertible dress 🙂

  • Taylor says:

    Convertible dresses like this is very convenient and really time-efficient. No need to think of balling up another pair of clothes or suits inside your bag when you have a big day ahead. I like the style, too, looks comfortable enough and does make you look professional at the same time. Great tip, Heidi!

  • nikkiannie says:

    This is a great idea. Very practical and efficient and cost-effective. Would love to try this convertible dress really soon!

  • Shauna Fox says:

    a cocktail dress that can be worn in the office and vice versa? What a marvelous idea!

  • Desiree Lynch says:

    This is gorgeous!

  • Miranda says:

    I think this is a fabulous dress idea!

  • Macy Rourke says:

    Excellent idea!

  • Cyrelle says:

    Oh this convertible dress could be the answer to my small wardrobe problems 🙂

  • Jennica says:

    I love this idea. Very practical, at the same time, gorgeous!

  • Isabelle Louise says:

    A lot of my officemates, and me included, had incorporated this outfit in our wardrobes. It really is practical and time efficient to be able to wear something both appropriate inside the office and after office hours.

  • Maja says:

    What a lovely dress idea. I love this!

  • Shawna Cool says:

    Fabulous idea! I love this cocktail dress /reversible dress!

  • Sheila Young says:

    I think that’s a nice and practical cocktail dress. Would love to have one like that.

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