Office Appropriate Gifts for Your Employees

Every good employer understands the importance of showing hardworking employees gratitude. Highlighting your appreciation for consistent loyalty and continued results can be done through a variety of ways. More often than not, employers emphasize client gifts without taking a moment to consider the people who really deserve a token of appreciation—your company roster. Consider one of these office-appropriate gifts and show your employees how much you value their dedication.

An Updated Office:


Think about how much time your employees spend in the office each week. For most, the answer is 40-plus hours, but some companies see their employees working 60-plus hours a week. Make sure that your employees are in a beneficial environment that keeps them comfortable and productive by providing important office updates. This could mean buying new, ergonomic chairs for everyone on the company roster, or investing in standing desks to help employees get up and moving throughout the day. Perhaps your office kitchen has seen better days. You’d be surprised at the morale boost that comes along with a few new energy efficient appliances. A new fridge free of mystery stains is sure to put you on your employees’ good lists.


Don’t be afraid to add a few entertainment features to the office. Everyone needs a break every once in a while; in fact, science says it improves productivity . Adding a ping pong table, new television in the break room or an outdoor corn hole set can give your employees the perfect break from their daily toil. They’ll be happier and more productive because of it.

A Cumulative Gift

Often, it’s better to buy all of your employees one singular shared gift rather than finding something for each individual person. Make it easy on yourself by purchasing a group present that the majority of the office will enjoy. In many cases, it’s ideal to book some type of bonding activity. This not only serves as a great treat but provides a chance for employees to build upon inter-office camaraderie. Check out Excitations to find an experiential gift that will serve as a great day out of the office and a fantastic memory that employees will look back on fondly. Whether it’s a group horseback ride through local mountains, a kayaking adventure at a nearby lake, or a trip up in a hot air balloon, your employees are sure to be grateful for these special experiences. Looking to stay on a tight budget? Consider checking out a local Escape Room. You and your employees must band together and work through clues to find your way out of a locked room—sure to get your heart pumping and teamwork flowing.

Weekday Deliveries

Even the boss (especially the boss) has to admit that the days can drag, but it’s easy to break up those doldrums with some fun surprise treats. Sometimes the smallest gifts can have the biggest effect. One week it might be a delivery of fresh flowers to keep the office looking and feeling bright. Another week it could be a free surprise lunch on Wednesday to celebrate hump day. Even just a simple delivery of fresh baked cookies from The Cravory could see your employees grinning from ear to ear.

Paid Vacations:

Nothing like a vacation .. which is paid for.

Ask any employee what they want most and nine times out of 10 you’ll hear a singular answer: more PTO. Paid vacation time is hard to come by, but one of the most desired aspects of a job. Giving your employees a paid day off can be a great way to reward them for hard work. This can help busy individuals achieve a better work/life balance, and encourage them to keep up the hard work in the future for such a great incentive. If your production schedule can handle it, paid vacations can be an easy and well-loved gift that employees are sure to remember.

Individual Gifts:

If you’re looking to hand out gifts to individuals that have gone above and beyond, err on the side of caution. A bottle of personalized wine is a common office offering that can come in a variety of styles and work for a variety of budgets. The quintessential gold watch is still an employer gift staple for a job well done; check out MVMT watches and find designer bands for the stellar employees on your roster. Something to keep in mind: if you’re giving out individual gifts, offer them in private, and don’t make a big show of it, especially if not everyone in the office is receiving a token of appreciation.

Finding office-appropriate gifts doesn’t need to be headache inducing. Consider the ways you can reward your employees on any type of budget.



  • Coraleen says:

    Love these gift ideas for employees! That’s very nice way of showing appreciation to your team.

  • Hannah says:

    Love love love this employee appreciation ideas. I wish there’d be more people like you Heidi, always caring for their co-workers 🙂

  • Sofia says:

    A good boss or leader knows how to lead by example and makes sure his or her employees are well taken care of. Appreciating their efforts by giving gifts and stuffs is highly commendable indeed!

  • Bianca says:

    So glad to know about this incentives and giveaway ideas. Many would surely be happy about employees being appreciated by the management.

  • Ynes B. says:

    My workforce has been increasing since I’ve opened my business two years ago. I realized I need to make some changes to our office by expanding it and updating the fixtures. I am sure this kind of change will be appreciated by my colleagues and my whole team. A more modern and pleasing workplace would definitely make us all more productive, isn’t it?

  • Airish says:

    Love love love all these gift ideas. Me and my friends work in a make-up/cosmetic company and our boss usually gift us with bag of goodies like make up kits and beauty stuffs. Those are really heavenly!

  • Yassi says:

    These are indeed great and fun gift ideas! Will surely incorporate one or two of those for my co-workers, especially since Employee Appreciation Week is coming up in our company. Yay!

  • Susan says:

    My boss told out about an out-of-town weekend getaway which is definitely something we’re all looking forward to have on our company’s anniversary! Yes, I’m so excited!

  • Henriett says:

    I like that idea of Escape Room experience! We’re a bunch of adventure seeking adults who want to learn while having fun by engaging on physical and mental activities. I’ll definitely suggest this to my boss!

  • Natalie says:

    I love these gift and giveaway/getaway ideas!

  • Misty says:

    I’ve conferred about this gifts to my team last week after reading this article. And I discovered that their preferred gift involved a two-days paid leave, company vacation getaway out of town. Sounds exciting and we all can’t wait to do it!

  • Ofelia says:

    My boss usually sends us gift every month, like some bangles and other kinds of mementos, small stuffs, just to tell us she appreciates us with our work. The most she ever did was giving us gift checks that’s way higher than what I’m getting paid of. Cool, right?

  • Lauren Mancini says:

    I think it’s really great to know that employers know how to go further when it comes to giving incentives to employees. I hope all bosses are like you Heidi.

  • Maria Fabiana Luisa says:

    These are nice gift ideas! I love ’em all!

  • Lorelei says:

    Hmmm… our boss usually gives us cash incentives and gift checks during special occasions, but an updated office is something we would love to see someday too.. We’re growing by the number and space is getting smaller lately so a renovation or maybe just an expansion and makeover would totally be cool. I’ll forward this post to my boss, who knows, she might just agree, right?

  • Sarah Scofield says:

    Lovely gift ideas! I also do this to my co-workers and so far, their favorite is an out-of-town getaway.

  • Desiree says:

    Paid vacations are what we always aim for and hoped for. I myself aren’t picky with material gifts, but the feeling of relaxation and de-stressing from work is something are tired hands and mind would really appreciate. I hope my boss gets to read this. 🙂

  • Jennifer says:

    Loving all the details here.. Let’s see what works best for my team.. Thanks for these wonderful ideas, although that paid vacation is really smiling at me now.. 🙂

  • Aaliya says:

    I hope my boss would be as generous as you. I dont recall any form of gifts received from my company, expect for the annual midyear bonus and paid vacation during the Christmas holidays. I’m not complaining though. Those are already much appreciated by my team and my boss really is a good leader so if she’d think of other ways to make us all happy and productive, we’d be happy and content.

  • Felicia says:

    Great ideas! Can you be my boss in the near future? 🙂

  • Dimples Jimenez says:

    Hmm, a weekend getaway to the beach sounds really cool, especially now that’s already summer in the Philippines. I hope my boss gets to read this.

  • Valerie says:

    These are lovely gift ideas. Might as well take notes about them when I finally get to boss around in this empire that I’m building 🙂 LOL

  • Marie Clare says:

    I wonder if my boss would read this, maybe she’d be generous enough to allow us employees a long weekend getaway to the beach or something like that. Yes, that would be awesome!

  • Dorsett Pink says:

    Hye heidi. I’m a malaysian and this post really catch my eyes to read till the end… It is a good tips for the boss in appreaciating their staff.. Good job heidi!

  • Janice DV says:

    Love these great gift ideas.. Now if only my boss were as generous as you… hmmm..

  • Katarina says:

    Hmmm… A weekend getaway with my colleagues and family would be awesome! I hope my ladyboss sees this!

  • Rhayanna Tamayo says:

    It would take a miracle for my boss to get us employees gifts and bonuses just like that. How I wish he could read this post.

  • Angelique says:

    I wonder if my boss would follow through with her promise of a weekend getaway for us employees. She promised us that last February, and it’s June now.. Maybe I’ll send her this link just so she remembers LOL

  • Leigh Curtis says:

    I am wondering if my boss had read this. A week ago, she actually sent us packing for a three-day weekend getaway in the tropics. She insisted it was part of our jobs, but when we got there, she told us, it was all for a job well done after a successful business deal. I swear, this is the first time this has happened in our company and I’ve been here for seven years straight. It was amazing!

  • Taylor says:

    A paid vacation is definitely a great idea.. Out of town preferably.. Oh, how I wish my boss could read this!

  • Maine Mendez says:

    All these ideas are perfect! Hope my lady bosses get to see and read this post..

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