Photography & Styling Collaboration

Are you a photographer? Want to work together?

I’m a fashion blogger – photos are my business! If you are a photographer or stylist or even that rare elusive creature known as a photographer-stylist and you’re interested in working with me to make magical photos, drop me a line!

What kind of photos?

I like all and any photos, as long as they make me look good. If your creative vision happens to do that, then perfect! And if you’re Steven Meisel I will do whatever kind of photos you want!

Compensation / Credit

You will be credited on the post and I will tweet and Facebook and Instagram you to bits. If I really like you maybe we’ll sit down together and have coffee afterwards. If I really really like you, we might even have coffee twice.

As I’m sure every photographer knows, monetary compensation gets a little tricky in this business. In the past I have paid some of the photographers I’ve worked with, and others have worked as trade for credit and some have compensated me. It really depends on your portfolio, your reach and the faith I have in your vision but I am very fair in regards to compensation. Email me and we’ll chat.

How about a styling collaboration?

Want to style me? I’d love to see what you’ve got! Email me with links to your portfolio or examples of your style and aesthetic and we’ll talk.

Want to be featuring on the blog? Again, email me. If you think you have great style and would like to share some styling tips, I’d love to hear from you.

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