Spying on the Uber LA Team


Well, not really.

When the team from Uber invited me to spend Diwali with them at their LA office, it was an easy yes for me - not only because I LOVE Indian food, but also because I was highly curious how a company like Uber would celebrate the Festival of Lights (this is what Diwali essentially means in Sanskrit).

Getting into my Uber to go visit … Uber.

So I got to their uber-swank (pun-intended) offices in Santa Monica at around 4:30 and was given a tour of the space:


L: Great view of the ocean.

R: Me smiling for no reason other than there is a camera pointed at center


I found out later that the space was designed by the same team that designers of the interior of the Soho Houses - it was very well planned out, spacious and best of all - with a view of the ocean.


The Uber LA office was filled with these heartwarming framed testimonials from riders and driver-partners.


So after the tour of the two-story space by the very friendly Uber team, we were led to their communal area and we saw that the area already had a lot of Indian delicacies ready:


...which made it really hard to concentrate on much else other than eating.


But there was also an Indian henna and semi-permanent tattoo artist who did a great job of selecting a piece of temporary art for me.


Of course, no festivities are complete without a bit of song and dance - and we were treated to a couple of Bhangra dancers who taught us some cools steps.

And I was so amazed that within minutes, the Uber team members were able to dance in sync with the dancers like they’ve been practicing for years. I mean talk about  #skills:


Group photo for posterity: It was a great night with the Uber Los Angeles team as well as a few other influencers who were invited.

Being an Asian living in the US, I find efforts like Uber’s encouraging and it is very much welcomed, because celebrating Diwali, Chinese New Year or Eid-Al-Fitr is a step towards acknowledging my background and my culture as well as other minorities like me.

So thank you Uber for the wonderful Diwali celebration. Now if only I can figure out how the heck everyone was able to dance in sync after only 10 minutes of training.



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