A Guide to Networking for the Shy Girl

This article is Part of Business 101: The Career Crucials series.

If there are people out there who say they love to walk into a room filled with strangers who they need to meet and impress in minutes, I’m politely calling them out. However, I agree that for some, it can be uber-daunting. If you feel especially ill at ease, you don’t need to force yourself to channel Robin Williams. Just take some deep breaths and remember the following:

networking feel awkward
how to network
how to network

So, set a goal, such as three people.  Once you’ve achieved that goal, relax and call it a successful night. You may even find that when you’re more relaxed, you end up making even more friends and acquaintances. Now, pat yourself on the back for your success, head home and snuggle up to a Netflix binge of “Game of Thrones.” Now there’s a stressful networking world.