Paint the Town Red

Chinese New Year Dress

You’ll have to excuse the late posts recently. I’ve been traveling between Kuala Lumpur and Los Angeles, so my photos still need to catch up with me (the inevitable result of jet lag).

Today, I find myself reminiscing from my hotel in KL about a red dress I wore to a lux LA event. A few weeks ago, I attended a formal Chinese New Year dinner held by Chase and . The 10 course meal was beyond exquisite and the wine was out of this world.

Armani Beauty Rouge Lipstick

Traditionally, the Lunar New Year calls for a riveting red dress. And when you wear red, the best red lipstick ever is the Armani Rouge #400.

Vintage Cartier Earrings

The essentials: fur, a red & white French manicure and a yummy boost of youthH20 (my secret weapon to countering my occasional macaroon indulgence).

Accessory Details
Red and White French Manicure
Red Lipstick
Adrienne Landau Fur Coat

 The occasion called for a sparkle of vintage Cartier (thanks Grandma!)

Cartier Jewelry

… and my favorite Ferragamo clutch, this time sans frosting.

Ferragamo Clutch
BCBG Formal Red Dress
Adrienne Landau Coat
Cartier Earrings

Here’s to another night of staining champagne glasses with red lipstick. I miss you LA, but I’m not quite ready to come back yet.
‘Til next time, Ambitionistas!

Style Notes
BCBG Formal Red Dress
Adrienne Landau Fur Coat similar here
Ferragamo Calf Hair Clutch similar here
Vintage Cartier
Beauty Notes
Armani Beauty Rouge in #400 ( True Red )
Hair & Makeup via StyleBee App

Say It With Cupcakes

Cozy Winter Ready Outfit

This Valentine’s Day, I’m skipping the heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and reaching for a sweet, seductive cupcake instead. If that petite treat just so happens to be from Sprinkle’s magical Cupcake ATM (uh, genius?) , who’s going to stop me?

Luckily, said Cupcake ATM just so happens to be near my neighborhood and I headed to the one in Beverly Hills. Confession: I’m a cupcake die-hard and this may or may not have been my 1787 time here.


Automatic cupcakes? Hint: the answer is yes.


I’ll take one of each, thank you very much.


Sweet, tasty Sprinkles for lunch > Boring salad.

Winter Boots

Nothing beats LA’s blue skies.

Winter Office Jacket

A quick peek inside their boutique: delicious human cupcakes on the left; adorable mini cupcakes for your furry friends on the right.

Ferragamo Clutch

Pairing my cupcake with a healthy dose of Ferragamo.

BCBG Jacket

Snacked on a couple when I got back to work (oops!) but brought home a week’s worth of cupcakes for By. Love is in the air, after all.

Dark Chocolate Sprinkles Cupcake

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day, Ambitionistas? Romantic dinner for two?
Cocktails with the girls? Do tell in the comments below.

Style Notes
Balmain Brown Sunglasses similar here
BCBG Black Wrap Cardigan similar here
Ann Taylor White Shirt similar here
Ferragamo Calf Hair Clutch similar here

Photos By Sabrina Hill of Party With No Cake
Special Thanks To Sprinkles Cupcakes Beverly Hills