Lewre Couture Shoes

If you’re like me (and 90% of the world) you enjoy a Frank Sinatra song every now and then.  Which is why one day I found myself humming “What Is This Thing Called Lewré?” as I walked into the Lewré bespoke boutique at The Gardens in Kuala Lumpur.  


Proving “There’s No Business Like Shoe Business,” Lewré has long been a couture shoe brand – starting out making shoes for other brands, and they still do.  But a few years ago they decided to create their own line of women’s bespoke shoes and handbags.

Lewre Couture Shoes

And what that meant is that I got shoes “My Way.”  So I walk into their shop and pick out one of their basic designs (of which there are many) and then go wild by adjusting the height, the material, and the details to your liking.  I opted for a classic black strappy pair because I didn’t have one at the moment, and that’s a go-to shoe worthy of bespoke luxury.


Next, my feet were traced and measured so that the resulting shoes would fit like a glove.  If a glove was on a foot that is.  I came back 2-3 weeks later for a fitting and final adjustment and then 1-2 weeks later the shoes were ready!  And let me tell you, “These Shoes Were Made For Walking”!  (OK, I channeled Nancy Sinatra instead of Frank for that one.)  Seriously – I walked for hours without wincing in pain.  I have relatively wide feet and can be hard to fit in a ready-made shoe.  Generally I have to have my shoes professionally stretched before I can wear them, or risk serious pain and blistering the first 10-20 times I wear them.  


The prices range from MYR3000 to MYR4500 , which is pricy yet, but considering these are well made custom shoes, are not at all ridiculous and are actually less than what some high-end designers charge ( I am looking at you Sergio Rossi and Christian Louboutin).

Next time I’m going further than basic black.  Lewré’s embellishments include to-die for Swarovski crystals.   I’m envisioning bejeweled, sparkly ruby-red stilettos.  With a matching clutch.

IMG_0070 (1)

Ah, Lewré Couture:  “You’re Getting to be a Habit With Me.”