What Monochromatic Actually Means and How to Wear It

Thanks to all the Hemingway and Beckett I read in college, I went through an all-encompassing minimalism phase years ago. My apartment was basically barren. Anything that was there was pure white, and I proudly told people that I could fit all my belongings into my car if I ever needed to leave town on a moment’s notice.

While I’ve since added color to my apartment (begrudingly), minimalistic monochromatic is back on the runway and I’m drawing on my bare-essentials experience to help navigate this trend and avoid the pitfalls of looking too boring.

Remember: monochromatic is more than just sticking to one color, a boxy dress or a nehru jacket.

monochromatic style
monochromatic style

“It girl” Alexa Chung does a wonderful job of wearing minimalism fashion without looking the least bit boring. Notice that she paired her simple sweater dress with a masculine hat, but then a throw-back-overtly-feminine bag, and modern shoes. Mixing accessories can elevate boring to bold.

minimalist fashion

Remember that less is not always more. You can’t throw on your boyfriend’s XXL white Hanes undershirt and call it an homage to monochromatic. Of course, if you’re Sharon Stone apparently you can throw on your boyfriend’s Gap white button-down and wear it to the Oscars. But don’t try that if you’re new to minimalistic monochromatic – that level of gumption takes a real pro.