Leather & Leopard Prints

There are brief moments during a Southern California winter when it gets cold enough to justify wearing a leather jacket. These occasions are few and far between, the weather momentarily dropping from a pleasant 70 degrees to a foreign 40. On these days, every local news station is compelled to “go nuts” and you might see a spike in pumpkin spice lattes sales.

A moment of silence for all you East Coasters rolling your eyes right now.

Still, I’ll admit that I like to take advantage of these climatic unicorns. While it’s not chilly enough for a fabulous wool or exotic-fur coat, it’s not appropriate for your seersucker shorts either. It is, however, just the right temperature for a smart leather jacket…


I am loving this Ann Taylor A-list leather jacket. Instead of being a full-out motorcycle jacket, it has just the right amount of detailing to be interesting , and yet is streamlined enough that you can style it for work or business.


This look can be worn to a more casual business or work meeting, or in more contemporary/casual office environment.


When choosing a leather jacket (or anything really) pay attention to the details. If you’re more of a gold-metal person like me, look for a jacket with gold zippers/buttons. Likewise if you’re more of a platinum or silver girl, look for a jacket with plain (not gold) metal zippers/buttons.


Wearing classic black pumps brings the look together. Yes, you’re wearing leather and leopard print but add the pumps and everything instantly look more professional.


All Photos By Sabrina Hill of PartyWithNoCake.com

Style Notes:
Leather Jacket, Leopard Print Top and Blue Cropped Pants – All Ann Taylor.
Shoes – Christian Louboutin.