The Suit in Summer Weather

Sure, in a couple of weeks I’ll need to buy some swimsuits and face the unflattering lighting in those tiny dressing rooms with the fun-house mirrors that make me look short and squat (and don’t bother telling me that’s all in my mind – it’s my party and I’ll lie if I want to).  But right now, I’m focusing on the more office-friendly summer suit.

wearing a suit in the summer

First of all, to paraphrase:  if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the wool.  In other words, choose your fabric wisely.  Look for light-weight, breathable fabrics such as silk blends, cotton or linen (if you can handle the wrinkling and inevitable ironing task).

Along this same vein, fabric color is key.  If you’re mostly inside the office, you can still wear darker colors.  But if you’ll be outside a lot, choose lighter hues that will reflect light and keep you cooler.  (Such as white, beige, ivory, light grey.)

Remember:  just like our mothers told us on those days in high school when we moaned that our face was breaking out or our hair was in the dreaded growing out stage: “It’s what’s inside that matters.”  Your summer suit should be unlined or half-lined.  Avoid any extra padding or heavy lining that doesn’t breathe.  You won’t be able to either.

suits in the summer

There are a variety of brands that carry wonderful options, and they can be found in a range of prices.  These are some of my favorites, from economical to eek!:

summer suits

Have fun picking out some comfortable, chic summer suits.  Come back in a couple of weeks to see what I’ve discovered about the best swimsuits – that’s right, I’m taking one for the team and heading into the racks to investigate.  If it’s traumatizing I may need you to send chocolate.  And kittens.