My Favorite Skin Products to Live and Die By in Cold Weather


Want to know how I wore these sunglasses with a pair of leather culottes for the office? Peek here.

Cold weather has a way of taking it out on your your skin, leaving it flaky, dry and parched. The worst is when you hop into your car before work, do a quick “check” in the rear-view mirror (we all do it) and to your dismay, the chilly air has already done it’s damage. Your cheeks feel like sandpaper and the pesky corners of your nose are already chapped.

To avoid this skin faux pas when you’re on the go, here are my favorite winter-ready skin products that will keep your face hydrated and healthy.

Skin Products for the Winter

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1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating at least once a week removes dead skin cells and helps other products, like your moisturizer, absorb into your skin. You can either use a buffer or an exfoliator to gently slough off dead skin cells and get that polished glow. I love the Mia 2 by Clarisonic—it’s a splurge, but worth every penny.

2. Moisturize

Before applying moisturizer, keep the bathroom door shut. The humidity from the warm shower (FYI: hot waters dries out your skin)  helps lock in moisture, which is why it’s also best to apply lotion when you’re skin is still damp.

3. Hydrate

Treat yourself to a hydrating mask once a week to give your skin some much-need love. I currently adore Irish Moor Mud, an odorless mask that decongests and draws out all the icky dirt from a long week, replacing it with vitamins and fresh-looking skin.

4. Lip Care

As a notorious lip biter, my lips get especially chapped during the frosty season. To combat this, I swipe on some Champagne Cocktail lip balm. The plant oils and cocoa butters keep them soft without being greasy. Plus, the hint of sweet champagne doesn’t hurt.

5. Sunscreen

A common misconception is that since summer has passed, you can toss out your sunscreen. Don’t make this mistake: the sun’s rays are just as damaging as ever (especially if you’re exposed to snow glare). Protect yourself with sunscreen before you walk out the door, rain or shine, hot or cold.

I like BB cream by Dr. Brandt, since it doubles as foundation and sunscreen. Great for when I’m in a rush.