Why I Won’t Be Making Any New Year’s Resolutions

This year I’m kissing all New Year’s resolutions goodbye and never looking back. I’m bored of the bucket lists that crop up on Facebook statuses come January 1st. Making the vow to go hit the gym every day is about as realistic as believing you’re going to only eat half that slice of cake — you know very well you’re going to inhale the divine thing in one sitting.


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In fact, I’m willing to bet that New Year’s resolutions can be the worst thing ever. They’re vague and nebulous, shiny trophies teasing you from a distant future when you have yet to take the first step towards them. This daunting list of goals we draft every year takes a sharp jab at our flaws and the parts about us that we don’t really like. So, we go about setting up these grand schemes that only 8 percent of us are actually successful in achieving, while the rest of us fall into a cycle of self-shaming when we don’t follow through.

Well, I’ve had enough. Instead of starting the new year with half-hearted promises, I’d like to propose something daringly simple: let’s live in the here and now, shall we?

Instead of “I want to make ‘X’ amount of money this year,” focus on what you learn from your mistakes and victories along the way, not the loot you end up with.

Instead of “I’m losing ‘X’ pounds,” make eating healthy and taking walks around the park a lifestyle, not a short term goal.

Instead of declaring that this is the year you’ll fall in love, appreciate every relationship/one-night stand/whathaveyou and write your experiences down in a journal. Every person we meet and let into our world is a chapter in our never-ending messy love lives. By the way, messy is a good thing. Because life’s messy, not a Katherine Heighl rom-com where everything ties neatly into place at the end and where she always ends up with the hot guy.

Also, stop telling yourself that this is they year you’re going to take that trip to Paris but never make any actual plans. Start saving a small chunk of your paycheck every time and in six months (and some savvy flight sleuthing) you’ll be on your way to the Louvre. Of course, the list goes on but when it ends is up to you.

So, do yourself a favor and bid those resolutions a gracious adieu. Who said we ambitionistas need a calender to tell us when and how to do things?

PS: And here are a few fashion finds to keep you fabulous all 365 days of the year. Cheers!