The Le Tote Subscription – Totes Worth It.

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When I hear kids using the word “totes” instead of “totally” I can almost feel my high school English teacher sighing loudly and muttering “how much time does that abbreviation even save you?”

So when I first overheard a friend singing the praises of Le Tote Subscription, I was momentarily worried that this was some variation on the slang.  As it turns out, Le Tote is destined to stick around, unlike a passing verbal phrase.

Le Tote Heidi Nazarudin

Basically Le Tote sends 3 pieces of clothing and 2 accessories in each delivery and you can keep what you like for as long as you like and send back what you don’t.   If you want to own something outright they’ll just charge you a discounted price.  It’s like having your own personal shopper, deliveryman and assistant to return things for you.  All for $59 monthly price!

  • Now, as we know, I love to shop. But I just don’t have much free time these days. My favorite thing about Le Tote is the amount of time it saves me.

  • I have to admit it sort of feels like Christmas every time I get a delivery. What will be in the box?!? (Although I also sometimes use their “preview” option so that I can see what’s coming and swap out some of the items that I don’t think I’ll want.  It’s less exciting, but the control-freak in me love this feature.

Le Tote Sweater
Le Tote Accessories
  • The Le Tote shoppers get to know my style preferences over time by looking at my virtual “closet” and watching what I keep and what I return, and how I rate the items they’ve sent.  It’s so eerie that I almost feel as though they’ve become my close friends.  Is it awkward to invite them to a party I’m throwing?  Probably.  But at least I know they’d pick out something great for me to wear to it.

  • I don’t get sick of the clothes in my closet because there’s always something new to wear.  And I don’t feel guilty about packing more clothes into my very-real closet, because I can send the Le Tote clothes back when I’m tired of them.  When I miss the piece, I just ask for it back!

Work From Home Office
  • I like that I can try out wearing pieces before committing to buying them.  Sometimes I’m sure I love a piece and then a week later I realize I don’t really have anywhere to actually wear it.  Or I wear it and then see a picture of myself in it and think “why did I think that neckline would look good on me?!?”  This takes away that pressure.

Fortunately Le Tote has done a better job picking than I have in the past.  Of course they see me for who I really am, not a 5' 10" , size 0 and blonde. ( Note to self: Do not buy something just because Gigi Hadid looks fabulous in it ... because Gigi Hadid looks fabulous in anything.)

Well...  it could happen – I’m just one hair-dye job and a couple of pilates sessions away.  Right?

Heidi Nazarudin for Le Tote

Some Le Tote Member Perks

  • Shipping is FREE both ways

  • Unlimited pieces at one low price

  • No styling fees

  • You always get to customize your tote

  • Convenient — forget crowded malls, buyer's remorse, and poorly fitting products!

  • Le Tote takes care of the laundry

Brands: Vince Camuto, Sam Edelman, Kate Spade, French Connection, House of Harlow, BB Dakota, BCBGeneration, Max Studio, Levi's, Free People, Rebecca Minkoff and more.

Photographed by the lovely Sabrina Hill. Makeup and Hair by the talented team at StyleBee 



  • Shauna says:

    Wow, I think this is a great idea! Someone to send items to my liking and I get to choose the one I like and return what i don’t without hassle and traffic. This is indeed totally cool!

  • Eva says:

    Oh Heidi, I am going to subscribe to Le Tote.. I love this practical way of shopping, very easy and convenient! I will be checking out their site as soon as I can.

  • Desiree Lynch says:

    That’s totally awesome! Would love to subscribe to them and check out what they’ll send in my box of goodies

  • Desiree Lynch says:

    Wow, those items you are wearing on this post are all from Le Tote and they look beautiful on you! Le Tote has great taste indeed! I’m gonna be a subscriber too.

  • Misty says:

    Wow, the brands that they chose and include on their tote are definitely worth it. Kate Spade, French Connection, House of Harlow, Max Studio, Levi’s – I totally love these brands! Sure win!

  • Richelle says:

    I think that sweater you’re wearing looks comfy enough. I like Le Tote, their taste in fashion is awesome!

  • Aaliyah Jane says:

    Oh, those are indeed totally cool brands of clothes. No wonder they’d been getting a lot of attention and subscriptions. I’m totes ready to join the bandwagon!

  • Farrah says:

    This sounds exciting! I wanna get surprised when I get mine, soon!

  • Violet Warren says:

    I agree, that sweater looks really comfy. Does the shoes came with it too? I like those strapped black pair of yours..

  • Helga says:

    Oh my gosh, I love Gigi Hadid… and Kendall Jenner! Actually, I think you’re just as fabulous as the two of them 🙂 Just sayin’

  • Margaret says:

    Oh I love this idea! Like opening a gift during your birthday or box of goodies for Christmas! Yes, I want to subscribe too, I think their package price is affordable. Thank you, I will be attacking their website in a few, hahaha.

  • Sofie says:

    Oh.. I totally want this! Will sign up ASAP!

  • Lorelei Chung says:

    Wow, those are must-have brands! I would love to subscribe to this totes-awesome perks!

  • Coffeeholic Bookworm says:

    Sounds like a great deal. I hope they cater and deliver to Asian countries, too?

  • Danielle C. says:

    Wow, unlimited pieces for low price Plus free shipping? Now that’s a great deal, brilliant even!

  • Hannah B. says:

    Oh Heidi, Gigi Hadid got nothing on you. I love your style better than her and Kylie Jenner combined 🙂

  • MJ Walters says:

    3 clothing pieces, 2 accessories and you can send back those who you didn’t like with no extra baggage? Plus free shipping? I think that’s a great deal!

  • Nicole Walsh says:

    I can tell that Le Tote really have impeccable taste because the whole ensemble you’re wearing in this post shouts elegant style. I love your outfit from head to toe, to bag. So lovely, totally!

  • Serena says:

    I love the clothing choices by Le Tote. I think I’m gonna be their next subscriber. I would love to look as stylish as you Heidi 🙂

  • Ylonah White says:

    I’m totally lovin’ this personal shopper delivery system. I would love to subscribe too. Your outfit is totally wicked!

  • Gabrielle says:

    I finally conceded and subscribed to Le Tote, I just can’t resist the wonderful pieces they are offering. You should be their model, Heidi 🙂

  • Hanna Devereaux says:

    Oh my gosh Heidi! You look so gorgeous! You’re rockin’ that outfit like a true celebrity in Hollywood!

  • Natalia says:

    First thing I noticed are those killer heels. I love it! I think Le Tote people are the greatest 🙂

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