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In doing your Hair and Makeup, make sure that it will support your style concept and give you maximum benefits with a minimum number of products. Check your dresser and your bathroom when was the last time that you de-clutter the things that you rarely use to the overused brushes or sponges. Here is some guide to help you manage your beauty products


Check for your brushes if it is still usable or do you need to buy a new one, torn bristles can damage hair often and its unhealthy for the scalp.

Heidi Nazarudin for Stylebee

Hair Accessory

Determine the clips that you are using often, throw away ponytails that is loose and those rusty overused bobby pins.

Hot Iron

If you have one or 3 hot irons in your bathroom check if they are all still working, check the plates if it still good to use, broken plates can damage more so make sure that you clean them after use and store them neatly.

Stylebee Hair Styling


If you’re the type of girl who stores about 2-4 blowers at home, think again, check if it is still working, if it is still clean to use. There’s a trend in the market right now wherein you could just change the nozzle of your blower instead of buying different types of it. You’ll be able to save more cash to buy for some important stuff.


Check if the sprays you are using is damaging your hair a lot, try considering a more organic approach, it’s a much cheaper plus its ecofriendly. Verify the expiration dates of the sprays that you have, throw away those empty cans and store only about 2 sprays so it won’t occupy your space a lot.

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If this is one of the accessories that you would never leave home without, I beg of you: make sure that your hair extensions are clean and well-maintained. Wash them to remove any product residue so that you will be able to use them for a longer period of time. Good hair extensions can be very pricey so it’s important to take care of them.

Shampoo / Conditioners

There are a lot of varieties of shampoo to choose from, most of them promises to give you the result that you’re looking for in days, so there you go, bought dozens different kind of shampoos to choose from and ended stacking up those unused and used shampoo in your bathroom. First determine what hair type do you have and what do you need? find the one that suits your hair consider buying organic shampoos wherein it has less chemicals which eventually can damage your hair if overuse.

Stylebee makeup

Any other hair or makeup tips you'd like to share?

Amazing hair & makeup by Florah Leverett of Stylebee.



  • Farrah says:

    I’m quite grateful for these tips. I admit I’m really a mess with my things, like my hairbrush and and hair accessories, even hair blower, since I am always on the run. I tend to just throw them all on my bed or sofa or even on the kitchen counter when I am really in a rush. I rarely check if they are still usable or if I am in need of a new one, because it seems my mom’s doing that for me.

  • Carmencita says:

    I have tons of hair products in my bathroom, at least 8 bottles of different shampoos and conditioners, because I am obsessed like that. It’s not healthy, I know, because these shampoos usually make or break it, my hair gets frizzy over time and don’t really match my hair type sometimes. I need to correct this. Thank you for your tips.

  • Leigh Curtis says:

    Here’s a little advice I’d like to impart, when it comes to taking care of eye lashes. We ladies should know that just like your hair, your lashes need a little TLC too. There are some lash conditioners who would do the trick (like the Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum) and other tried and tested conditioners that would treat a smooth surface for mascara.

  • Leigh Curtis says:

    Wow, I love your hair! I think you look great! But of course, you know that you look stunning in all kinds of hairdo, whether you had it styled or just wearing it down 🙂

  • Nikki Walsh says:

    You’re lookin’ really hot and beautiful with that hairstyle, Heidi! I love it!

  • Lorelei says:

    For a short-haired girl like me, hair extensions are definitely a must-have!

  • Angelique says:

    I gotta admit, I have at least four pairs of every hair accessories and items and boxes of makeup kits on my closet. I am quite obsessed with makeup, that’s for sure, and sometimes I dunno where to put them already.

  • Arianne says:

    Lookin’ great with curls. I like that hairstyle on you, lady.

  • Kaye says:

    I don’t have any more hair tips to share, I think you got it all covered 🙂 By the way, let me tell you, you look great with curls.

  • Yassmin says:

    Slay girl, slay! You always look so beautiful Heidi, whatever your hair style is!

  • Jenni Clarence says:

    I wish I could de-clutter soon. I think I got at least half a dozen make up kits, not to mention hair sprays and shampoos. My mistake for not choosing the best for me hair.

  • Zanya Gomez says:

    Wow Heidi, you look fierce! I love the curls!

  • Selena K says:

    I’ve got a lot of sponges and makeup blush/brushes that I need to throw out soon. Gotta organize my kits and I won’t be surprised if I’d be able to collect another two boxes more of unwanted/untouched items in my closet. I really have to streamline my accessories too!

  • Margaret says:

    Heidi, every hairstyle of yours is totally awesome! Love that curly do’.

  • Gabrielle says:

    I gotta agree, you do have amazing hair & makeup! Gorgeous!

  • Olga Fischer says:

    Stylebee is a great app, I would definitely use this so I can have the best make up artists at my home to help me look presentable and pretty when I need to go on a party or a conference.

  • Quinn says:

    I wish I got hair like yours. So easy to style and always come out beautiful!

  • Aaliyah Jane says:

    It would surely be a great help to see that your hair and beaut/makeup products are organized in such a way that you could easily reach out for them whenever you need them instead of spending too much time deciding which one to use. I know I do not have much to use when it comes to my hair and makeup, but I always make sure that I stay organized and make use of the ones that I really need.

  • Sofie says:

    Thanks for sharing your hair and makeup essentials. I don’t have much knowledge with this kind of tips as I have just started really putting makeup and other accessories eversince I turned eighteen. I’m a late bloomer, I guess.

  • Clarkee Gurl (@clarkee_gurl) says:

    I love this look on you Heidi. You look amazing, and bubbly and fierce at the same time!

  • Beatrice says:

    I think I have to streamline my hair and makeup kits, coz I got way too many to count. I used to work in a magazine company assisting photo-shoots and my colleagues often give me makeup kits as gifts. So I have to check them all out and make sure those aren’t expired yet. LOL

  • MJ Walters says:

    Here’s a tip I can share with you when using foundation and bronzer. Use your fingers to apply your foundation if you want sheer coverage and a brush if you more polished, medium to full coverage. Always apply powder where you are shiniest first, which it usually your T-zone, with a very light dusting everywhere else.

  • Isabella says:

    The more I look at you, the more beautiful you seem to be. Gorgeous locks, infectious smile and stunning physique, you look really great, Heidi!

  • Bree says:

    I love those curls Heidi.. Your hair looks glorious as always and your make up is on point 🙂

  • Helena says:

    Oh Heidi, I love your hair! I think you look great in everything!

  • Bella Jones says:

    If there’s one thing I have in excessive amounts, that would be hair accessories. I got tons of barrettes and clips and even fascinators (the likes that Princess Kate uses) and other headdresses. I surely need to start clearing up those that I don’t need. Thanks for this tip!

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