#WhereTo With Uber Part 2

I’ve written about Uber before and how it’s really helped me in my workday commute but if you need extra convincing - here’s also another post about how it helps me on my “off-days” and weekends.

When I am not working and dashing off from meetings to meetings, I am, well - dashing off from other places too e.g. from the gym to the hair salon, and then from the hair salon to brunch with a friend , and later on from home to the bar for a fun night’s out with friends.

Heidi is preparing for the gym

One of the reasons that Uber has really added to my life is that it allows me to truly enjoy and focus on what I want to do - I don’t know about anyone else but never having to deal with finding parking and traffic multiples a day has tremendously impacted my enjoyment level on doing various activities.

For example, one of my favorite rituals on Saturday is getting my hair blown-out and the place I go to has very limited parking. Without uberX I know I probably would need to add another 20 minutes finding and walking to a parking area. I love how uberX just drops me to the curbside and as soon as I am done, enables me to just hop into a car and ride away somewhere else.

Heidi is working out

Even on a relaxed day, if I even just go from home to the gym, and then to a salon, and then later to a restaurant for a fun date with friends, I save a minimum of 40 minutes on not worrying about parking. That’s 40 minutes I can use for sleeping in or even more me-time lol.

Heidi arrived at the salon
Hiedi at the Salon
Heidi at home putting lipstick

And of course, Uber makes going out and having a cocktail or three exponentially more fun as my friends and I no longer have to worry about who gets to be the designated driver - not that they are big drinkers in any way but just the fact that we can truly go out and just have fun has really added to the fun factor of  our nights out.They don’t have to worry about driving, parking, and they can easily split the fare right form the app using the Split Fare feature!

Heidi at restaurant with friends
Heidi with friends

I have been an Uber rider since they first started their service in 2014 -and it’s not hyperbole to say that the Uber app has been life-changing for me. I don’t drive at all (growing up in cities like New York and London does that to you) and in a city like Los Angeles where the public transportation is not the most ideal was challenging before Uber.

To be able to not never worry about the questions ‘how do I get there?’ and ‘where do I park?’  and just focus about what I want to do is immensely important to me. Not only that, I do feel that not having to think about driving has enriched my life and made me a thousand times more productive every day.

I have to say that meeting and interacting with Uber drivers have been for the most part something that has added richness and perspective to my life. This week alone, I got to chat with an ER trauma nurse who drives with Uber just to de-stress after a long day at work, a single mom  who drives a few hours daily between driving her two kids to school to save up for that dream vacation in Disneyland, and a DJ who just moved to Los Angeles after spending 2 years taking photographs of sailing boats in the Caribbean.

And over the past few years, I have gained insight and perspective about other people in a way that would never been possible if I weren’t an Uber rider.

So here’s to that next ride - in an Uber.


This post was sponsored by Uber. All opinions are my own.



  • Arianne says:

    You’ve got a really busy schedule and I agree, that 40 minutes saved could really be used for sleeping in or just napping. Uber is a delightful service indeed!

  • Jennifer Clark says:

    I am planning to use Uber when I get to CA next month. I’m gonna be visiting my relatives there and I could really use some help. I’ve read rave reviews about Uber and this is the best one I’ve read so far!

  • Keanna says:

    I get to meet a lot of new people through Uber too and listen to their tales. It is such a comfort to be able to ride safe and gain new friends.

  • Miss Blue says:

    I just started using/riding Uber late last year when I moved in to US. I am not familiar with everything so I really need to trust someone who knows the ins and outs of this country. So far, it has been an amazing experience!

  • Lindsay Cohen says:

    I’m so grateful to Uber too, I get to meet new people and build new friendships. Having that someone to trust when you go places is a big deal to me, and so far, the people I had the chance to meet through Uber have big hearts!

  • Matilda says:

    I have been an Uber rider since 2015 and I guess that’s one of the best things that ever happened to my busy college life. I can’t drive either, and my brother gave up on me teaching how to drive. When he got a girlfriend, my brother no longer wanted me to hitch a ride with him, so I decided to give Uber a chance. And that’s the start of my loyalty with Uber car services.

  • Ramona, Esq. says:

    I am always on the run too, from meetings to panel interviews to oculars and such. I guess sometimes I feel stressed going from one place to another, but the good thing is, I don’t feel tired anymore because I rarely drive. I just ask for Uber services to take me where I want to go so I could breathe a little and proceed to wherever I need to be without thinking about traffic and parking. Truly a time saver, Uber is.

  • Mei Mei says:

    You lead a busy life, but you still manage to have fun with friends. That’s really awesome, love!

  • Ericka says:

    Uber is not just a time saver, it’s also a life saver for me, because I’ve been in countless situations where I need to go somewhere important and having no personal car is a big issue to me, so when Uber started a few years back, I was so relieved a million times over. Thanks Uber!

  • Lizzy says:

    Uber surely is a great solution to our driving problems especially when we just want to have a good time with friends but don’t want to be the designated driver at the end of the day. I am like that, although I am a responsible drinker and partygoer, my folks at home would be less worried if somebody else takes the wheel when I go to parties.

  • Denise says:

    Such a hectic schedule you have there, Heidi! Uber indeed is a great idea!

  • Tanya James says:

    Didn’t know about Split Fare. I just started using Uber services a few weeks ago. This is great info, Heidi!

  • Haruna Kellis says:

    Meeting people from various walks of life during a commute is something I’d love to experience more. I am actually an introvert person but after getting homeschooled, I knew I had to go out and meet people. I still can’t trust myself to drive, much more read a map to somewhere, but Uber had been the wisest decision I made because it allowed me to meet new people and get to new places without hassle.

  • Olivia says:

    Amazing feature of this fantastic company! I love how they are revolutionizing the transportation world.

    Sleeping like a queen in new sleepwear on my blog!

  • Marsha says:

    My friends and I often use Uber services too and had actually saved some because of the Split Fare feature. Uber is definitely the best solution to every commuter’s life!

  • LJ Walt says:

    I don’t have enough time to think about driving and parking and gassing up, I feel like it’s taking all of my time in a very hectic day. Uber is also my solution to this time consuming problem. No car, no worries, no traffic, no problem.

  • Doctor Strange says:

    Love interacting with Uber drivers too, I get to know more about them and establish new friendships.

  • Anna Montage says:

    Yes to Uber forever! #wheretouber

  • PJ Maxxi says:

    Now that I had discovered Uber a year ago, I now have more time to enjoy with friends and not having to worry about being a designated driver at the end of the day. Yes!!

  • Therese DelaVega says:

    Cheers to Uber!! One of the best services in this millennial times. I’m lucky to have discovered them and had taken me to places I could never drive myself to.

  • Samantha Joy says:

    The people or dirvers I’ve encountered on Uber are all nice and accommodating and polite to me. I’m truly blessed to have found this transport service as I don’t have my own car and I really am bad with directions. Thank you so much for Uber!

  • Kathryn Schott says:

    Well, there has been some issues with Uber in other Asian countries, but I still am a loyal Uber rider. To me, this is the best thing that ever happened to travelling services!

  • Gabby says:

    Uber has always been the answer to my travel problems. I think I can’t live without Uber!

  • Aaliyah Cross says:

    I agree.. Uber indeed has been instrumental in getting us to our destination and getting us to meet new people who would later on be our friends.

  • Little Cinderella says:

    I’m very pleased with Uber because they operate on various countries and cities in the world, eliminating my need to buy my own car to travel to different places as my work permits. When I am in NY, I can always count on their services and I’m thankful that there’s also Uber in Asia, making my travels easy and comfortable.

  • Misty says:

    UberX is my life saver!

  • Justin says:

    At this day and time, Uber is now a necessity to every working man and woman, even to wives and students who can’t afford to buy car and gas and mileage. Being able to grab a ride with Uber is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.

  • Nilda says:

    It’s always a great time to spend an evening with friends and establish a relationship all throughout the night without thinking about travel problems, like hailing a cab or looking for parking space. Uber lets your worries go away.

  • Harriet says:

    Life is better with Uber.. that’s my mantra nowadays..

  • Clarisse S. says:

    Cheers to Uber! Cheers to long lasting friendships and more travels together!

  • Mikaella says:

    True.. There’s nothing more fun than having a great night with friends without having to worry about getting back to your place, safe and sound., knowing there’s someone from Uber to accommodate your travel needs.

  • Dayanna Chen says:

    Glad to know about Uber X app, it always comes in handy whenever I need to go somewhere. Glad to meet new people through this service too!

  • Kyla Adams says:

    I’ve always been loyal to Uber, aside from its affordable rates, the drivers I’ve encountered have all been great and polite and really trustworthy.

  • Susan Armstrong says:

    I’ve met wonderful people through Uber too and have found them all very approachable. Cheers to Uber!

  • Helga says:

    Uber never lets me down.. I can always count on Uber, come rain or shine!

  • Kellie Saks says:

    I think Uber is the best transport innovation that ever happened in this generation. I can always count on Uber to take me to places I could never drive to because of my lack of driving skills.

  • Gayle says:

    I will always trust Uber… Forever!

  • Alice McDuff says:

    Yes, finally we can enjoy our night outs and parties from anywhere without too much worries.. Thanks so much to UberX

  • Georgina says:

    I love Uber because I get to go to places I wouldn’t know how to get to, plus I am able to meet new people and learn about their colorful lives.

  • Nadine says:

    Uber is the best thing that happened to me. I have met new friends, been to places I never thought I could be, and have also eased up my mind whenever I need to go to end up drinking at party at night. Best service ever!

  • Harriet says:

    Been a loyal Uber user for years, the people I met have always been so good to me, very genial and trustworthy. I always look forward to my travels with Uber.

  • Janet says:

    Uber has now become part of my life too, ever since I’ve been using their services in early 2015!

  • Yasmin says:

    The best thing that ever happened to me this 2017 is Uber.. I can no longer go anywhere without Uber, they’re the best!

  • Nadya says:

    Uber does help me save a lot of time when I go to work.. No longer worried about parking and shortcuts and going home a little tipsy, Uber got me covered and always make sure I get home safe and sound.

  • Finn Dorsey says:

    Love Uber services.. Been my go-to transpo whenever I need to be somewhere else. Plus when I am with my friends, it’s really nice to use the Split Fare option, helps us save a lot more.

  • Liezl Sy says:

    Yes to Uber and Yes to more gym time and more time with friends! Uber is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. Thank you!

  • Taylor says:

    It sure looked a lot of fun having a wonderful dinner with friends without worrying about the drive back. I’m always thankful for Uber for always being there to help me out, they’re a very reliable service!

  • Darnell says:

    I cant help but notice how beautiful and blooming you are Heidi… Gorgeous!

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