Why I Won’t Be Making Any New Year’s Resolutions

This year I'm kissing all New Year's resolutions goodbye and never looking back. I'm bored of the bucket lists that crop up on Facebook statuses come January 1st. Making the vow to go hit the gym every day is about as realistic as believing you're going to only eat half that slice of cake -- you know very well you're going to inhale the divine thing in one sitting.


Want to know what I'm wearing? Outfit post coming soon on TA.

In fact, I'm willing to bet that New Year's resolutions can be the worst thing ever. They're vague and nebulous, shiny trophies teasing you from a distant future when you have yet to take the first step towards them. This daunting list of goals we draft every year takes a sharp jab at our flaws and the parts about us that we don't really like. So, we go about setting up these grand schemes that only 8 percent of us are actually successful in achieving, while the rest of us fall into a cycle of self-shaming when we don't follow through.

Well, I've had enough. Instead of starting the new year with half-hearted promises, I'd like to propose something daringly simple: let's live in the here and now, shall we?

Instead of "I want to make 'X' amount of money this year," focus on what you learn from your mistakes and victories along the way, not the loot you end up with.

Instead of "I'm losing 'X' pounds," make eating healthy and taking walks around the park a lifestyle, not a short term goal.

Instead of declaring that this is the year you'll fall in love, appreciate every relationship/one-night stand/whathaveyou and write your experiences down in a journal. Every person we meet and let into our world is a chapter in our never-ending messy love lives. By the way, messy is a good thing. Because life's messy, not a Katherine Heighl rom-com where everything ties neatly into place at the end and where she always ends up with the hot guy.

Also, stop telling yourself that this is they year you're going to take that trip to Paris but never make any actual plans. Start saving a small chunk of your paycheck every time and in six months (and some savvy flight sleuthing) you'll be on your way to the Louvre. Of course, the list goes on but when it ends is up to you.

So, do yourself a favor and bid those resolutions a gracious adieu. Who said we ambitionistas need a calender to tell us when and how to do things?

PS: And here are a few fashion finds to keep you fabulous all 365 days of the year. Cheers!



  • Ashley says:

    I agree with you.. Most of our New Year’s resolutions (almost all, actually) are never really accomplished because by the end of the week – yes, first week of the year and not at the end of the month or year – we may have forgotten already what we have promised. I’m a living witness to that. I’ve vowed to exercise every waking morning but I only got as far as four days after NYE. Pathetic, isn’t it? So i’m not going to make NY resolutions this year too… and beyond…

  • Susan Armstrong says:

    I ain’t doing or making any promises this year, too. I just want to enjoy the day as it passes by. I want to live to the fullest without thinking of promises that are sure to get broken one day. Here’s to a spontaneous yet very happy New Year to all of us!

  • Nikki says:

    How about this? My New Year’s resolution is not to make any more new year’s resolutions anymore… Does that count? Because that really is what I’m planning to do… Forget making promises and just start anew! Happy 2015 to all of us!

  • Jenni Clark says:

    I’m totally doing this! Yes, I am going to make just one New Year resolution and that is not promising anything about doing anything ever again, so no more resolutions whatsoever. You’re right Heidi, it’s just a matter of time before we find ourselves doing the things we have vowed not to do when New Year struck. So I’m taking each day as it is.

  • Marie says:

    I’ve got a messy love life, and 2014 wasn’t really my year. As much as I would like to promise to change for the better in order to find my true love, I realize I don’t have to change anything about me. Because if that person would really come, he’ll accept me for who I am. Thanks for the enlightenment with the resolutions, Heidi, you just saved me from making promises again.

  • Joy Misakira says:

    Hmm, I like what you’re proposing. Instead of making new year’s resolutions, I’ll challenge myself with your suggestions. I especially like this one – focus on what you learn from your mistakes and victories along the way, not the loot you end up with. Yes, that’s exactly what I need to remember when I’m about to make mistakes or realize what I should have done to avoid it.

  • Lorelei Chung says:

    I’m with you in this endeavour Heidi.. I have also made plans of not making New Year’s resolutions this year. Better that than be an epic fail in the end.

  • Carmencita says:

    Great idea Heidi. I think I’m gonna skip making resolutions, too! Happy New Year!

  • Gabrielle says:

    wow, now I’m having thoughts with my New Year’s resolutions…

    by the way, those are indeed fabulous goods for 2015, that Giorgio Fedon bag is sooo cute!

  • Arianne says:

    Oh, you just had me smiling with the Katherine Heigl remark. I happened to be watching one of her rom-coms today (The Killers) LOL

    And yeah, I like that blouse you’re wearing, it’s a tiger/jaguar print, right?

    Happy New Year!

  • Steffi says:

    I love your idea, may be making or not making any resolutions would be an effective way to start the new year after all!

  • KC says:

    I actually wrote my New Year’s resolutions on a piece of paper and stored it (together with my bro’s and sister’s own list) on a jar. We plan to open it by the end of the year and check which were the ones we were able to accomplish. Making New Year’s resolutions, for me, is somewhat a good thing because it makes me determined to do something and stick to it.

  • Pamela says:

    I guess I’m the only one who made New Year’s resolutions this year. Oh well, here’s hoping that I could keep and fulfill all those promises I made for myself. Happy 2015 everyone!

  • Tanya says:

    New Year’s resolutions are no longer the “IN” thing.. I stopped making resolutions a couple of years ago. It’s just no longer my style, I suppose.

  • LJ says:

    Ain’t doin any new years resolutions, too.. Don’t believe about it anymore, that’s why

  • Deanne says:

    Oh I just made a new year’s resolution and I’m thinking of really fulfilling it. Good luck to all of us, then

  • Blue says:

    I understand where you’re coming from; not making any New year’s resolutions due to the possibility of not being able to accomplish them in the end. Trust me, that’s how I feel, too, and it doesn’t help that I have low self-esteem & not much confidence with myself. I think this is because I am afraid of change. I fear that one day I might not be able to keep up anymore and I’d have nervous breakdown. Yes, I am something like that actually, so a New Year’s resolution is a no- no to me.

  • Trissia says:

    Believe it or not, I hate making resolutions, too. I hate thinking that there would require motivation to resist temptation in order to get the immediate rewards that these promises bring. Good luck to those who made a list, though.. I salute you for your courage and dedication and will to achieve those goals.

  • Can’t say I didn’t make a resolution nor wish for a better year ahead. Last year wasn’t really that good to me, so I had hoped of making it a little better this year. To each his own, as they say.

  • kylie rachel says:

    There ain’t any New Year’s resolutions for me this year. I have thought about this and yes, I have decided not to make any promises or wishes this year so I won’t get heartbroken if I end up such an epic fail in fulfilling them.

  • Misty Dew says:

    There’s one thing I learned and realized a year ago about making new Year’s Resolutions. And that is – it is certainly true that most people don’t keep their resolutions nor promises, exactly a week after making them. I talked to my cousins and officemates and upon further pondering on their part, I asked them if they were able to keep any of the resolutions they made, the answer was a resounding “no”…

  • Franceska R. says:

    it’s funny now that you mention this, I just realized haven’t really made any New Year’s resolutions ever, yes, even during the past few years.. I don’t believe in resolutions..

  • Valerie says:

    I’m glad I didn’t make any NewYear resolutions, too. I know I would eventually break them anyway. Now we’re almost at the second half of the year and those promises I thought I’d make aren’t getting fulfilled anytime at all.

  • Tatiana says:

    Yeah, good thing I didn’t make any new years resolutions too, i know deep in my heart I won’t be able to fulfill them anyway.

  • Wena says:

    I won’t be making any New Year’s Resolutions this 2016 too, because I’m not great in keeping promises.

  • Desiree Lynch says:

    It’s another new year and yes, I still didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions too. My folks often tell me I should write them down, but I told me there’s no need because I don’t want to cheat and I have always been blunt about my incapacity to keep my promises.

  • Maryanna says:

    I gave up making New Year’s resolutions ever since I learned Santa Claus isn’t real. 😀

  • Rechellyn D. says:

    Hmm, you make a point there. Come to think of it, I never made a New Year’s resolution, too, ever since I learned that Santa wasn’t real. Tsk, Tsk.

  • Nina says:

    You know what? I won’t be making New Year’s resolutions this year too, because I know I won’t be able to fulfill them..

  • Trisha says:

    I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions. For me, it’s just a telltale sign of broken promises. If I really want to change something about myself or something else, why should I wait for the New Year to start doing it? Change should happen right here, right now.

  • Jessica Marie says:

    Well, I still believe I can make my resolutions true. I just have to work for it. GO me!!

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