Wolford seamlessly fits into your wardrobe

Under to outer wear - why Wolford is the name to remember.

When top fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Zac Posen and Karl Lagerfeld want to work with a brand, all fashionistas need to pay attention. Wolford - which is an Austrian company known for their high quality hosiery, is now also making more more “to be seen’ pieces with the same durable yet luxurious textiles.

When Wolford sent over some of their thights and their best-selling Fatal dress ( I already owned one but was happy to get another!) it was a no-brainer for me to write this article.


I am wearing Wolford’s multi-functional Fatal dress (as a skirt) and their tights.
Perfect for those of us who want to show a bit of leg without showing skin.


Closeup of one of Wolford’s beautiful tights.
Zooming in, you can see the high quality weaving that makes the Wolford tights durable.

Here’s why you should be checking out their high-end pieces at www.wolfordshop.com
or at a Wolford Boutique near you.

  • Because “underwear” is by literal definition worn-under, there is a tendency for inferior pieces to rub against the outer garment causing it to pill, snag, rip apart or wear out quickly. Wolford’s ultra soft but durable viscose blends last and maintain their integrity. It’s not worth it to purchase inexpensive undergarments that lose their shape or wear out quickly causing you to have to repurchase over and over. I have been wearing Wolford socks for years and can vouch for their superior materials. In fact Nina Garcia, the former Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire magazine has stated that Wolford hosiery is the only brand worth going to.

  • Opaque should mean opaque. Don’t be taken by surprise again by purchasing hosiery or garments that you think aren’t see-through and then discover later you “overshared” when you’re walking in bright daylight or under the camera flash.

  • Visible pantylines (and other undergarments bumps) aren’t attractive. I love that they make everything magically seamless. I don’t know how they do it, but as long as they do I’ll keep buying.


Their Luxe 9 tights - one of the most sheerest tights in the market and it makes your legs look like airbrushed perfection.


Look how invisible Worlford’s Luxe 9 tights are. It makes your skin looks flawless and yet you need to peer really closely to see it. PS : I hardly wear my skirt this high but I needed to show how invisible the thights are.
They come in a variety of shades to fit a wide range of skin tones.

  • Accessories should add to your outfit. Hosiery can be more than merely functional. Wolford’s leggings and tights add detail to your look which makes them more than utilitarian. Picture the following (Noa tights) paired with an LBD or a sweater dress-- You just went from ordinary to extraordinary!

  • wolford-outfit

    I am wearing Wolford’s Fatal convertible tube dress (as a skirt) and their Noa tights.


    Wolford’s modern Noa tights.

    • Of course sometimes underwear is worn as outerwear. Don’t think Madonna’s cone-bra or tacky bra-straps showing. Underwear as outerwear has never been done so well. The quality and elegance of Wolfords t-shirts and bodysuits make them stand-alone pieces if you want them to.


    I am wearing the Fatal dress as a … well dress. I love how versatile this piece is. You can wear it as a pencil skirt, a tube tob, a mini skirt , a foundation slip or even a belt. The possibilities are endless.


    Add a belt and a blazer to the Fatal dress and voila!

    • Multifunctioning wear is not limited here to just outer or underwear. At least not at Wolford where their Fatal dress can be worn in so many ways. It’s a dress, a mini skirt, a tube top, a pencil skirt! Perhaps they call it “fatal” because it’s to die for?


    Bottom line, whatever you put closest to your skin should feel great. Wolford textiles are comfortable, lux, and breathable. They could rest on those laurels alone except they’ve taken it a step further and designed classic, elegant under and outerwear.

    I’m certainly not going to argue with Wolford collaborator Vivienne Westwood who said:
    “Buy less, choose well, make it last.”



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