Women Do Not Have Expiry Dates.

This blog post is created in partnership with SK-II. However, all thoughts and opinion are my own (as always.)

Sometimes I feel as if women are constantly being pressured to accomplish something before their "expiration date." Whether it's getting married, having a child or changing careers, there seems to be a "before it's too late" tag attached to so many aspects of a woman's life.

But we are not cartons of milk. We as women - should not worry about getting older or becoming "outdated." There is no reason to rush into a relationship – instead, enjoying life means being happy just being ourselves. We shouldn't feel pressured into marrying someone, for example, just because we're getting older.

Don’t get me wrong - I do believe that we should all seek love, long-term partnerships and have families IF the right partner comes along and IF that is what we want. What I don’t condone is a societal pressure that women are not complete and are will not be happy without something else completing them.

I remember when I was in my early 20’s - my girlfriends and I was at times pressured by well-meaning family members including our mothers - to settle down and find a man (and get married, and start a family, and so on and so forth) - because it’s what expected. I knew they believed that if we don’t have a spouse and children by a certain age, we're doomed to spend the rest of our lives sad and alone - incomplete. It took me a decade - when I was in my early 30s - a stylish, strong and successful woman at the top of my field - to realize that happiness is something that comes from within - not from being with the right man or being married or not married. It’s about accepting oneself as is.

heidi nazarudin in a red dress

Because if we sought meaning and completion by having another, there is a chance we will always be dependent on others to make us whole. I don’t know about you - but I do not want to be dependent on anyone. Isn’t seeking happiness from outside the very thing that makes thousands if not millions of people so unhappy in the first place? In short, I believe we should accept ourselves as we are, irrespective of age. I want to take care of myself for myself, not because I'm hoping someone will come along and sweep me off my feet.

Now that I am in my 30’s - I have stopped comparing myself to others around me and found pleasure (and ultimately peace and happiness) in the fact that I can take my own time in doing what I want for me. I wear clothes that I want, travel where I want and have hobbies that I want - not worrying about expiry dates or pleasing anyone else.

And I am happy that one of my favorite skincare brands - SK-II has been a prominent advocate of women being happy onto themselves - without needing anything (or anyone else) to complete them. I was drawn to its motto #changedestiny that women should always be themselves, which dovetailed with the way I was feeling. This is one of the reasons why you SK-II is one of the brands that I am proud to be an ambassador of.

Heidi Nazarudin, SK-II Ambassador

Often, we're afraid we've run out of time to make a difference and find love, but neither of these is true. We compare our lives so much to those around us when ultimately we should just be comparing our what we have achieved today to what we have yesterday.

You are ultimately the person you have to live for and impress. So go out there and make yourself happy. Take yourself on that dream date, and spend the time taking care of your body. It's the power of positive being. And trust me; the universe will take note of your efforts, and your entire world will change for the better. Watch this video from SK II and tell me how do you feel about being a modern woman and not having to care about ‘expiry dates’.



  • Aaliyah Jane says:

    I know how you feel. I have also encountered family members encouraging, or more like insisting that I need to find the man to tie the knot with.. And I was like, what? I don’t need a man to appease you, because in the first place, I am already happy the way my life is. I agree with you, growing up doesn’t mean we’re nearing expiry date, but it means being able to find that inner happiness in our lifetime.

  • Queen Evie says:

    Wow, this is so inspiring, Heidi. You are right, we have the power to change our own destiny and lead it to that path that would bring satisfaction and happiness to our lives. Also helps to make sure that we take good care of our skin as we grow older too

  • Anne Curtis says:

    That video is awesome! I am actually halfway down my 30s already, and each day, there’s a lot of pressure on my shoulders from my family who want me to settle down. Can’t they just mind their own business and let me be for what I really want? That’s what I always tell myself, ignore the age, because age is all but a number. What’s important is if we mature as years go by and if we feel content with whatever we have accomplished through the years. Me, I’m happy because at 30, I’m happy, satisfied and thriving.

  • Lorelei says:

    Women don’t have expiry dates, that is so true. When we reach a certain age, people judge us for not doing those things that most grown ups do, like getting married or raising a family. No, I don’t want to be tied down to something just because people thought I’m running out of time already. That’s just so discriminating.

  • Kelly says:

    Life doesn’t end for us when we reach 30. You’re right, women don’t have expiry date. We rule the world in our own little way and we make everything happen even when we reach 50. We deserve everything even when we reach 60 and more

  • Carmencita says:

    True, the modern woman knows what she wants and not thinking about expiry dates. But it’s also detrimental to take care of our skin even after we reached that age of 30 or 40 as a priority growing up.

  • Elena says:

    I am thirty and I’m even happier and satisfied more than I have ever been in my life.

  • Chesca says:

    I am with and I am for every woman here who stand up for what we believe in and stand strong all throughout our life even after 30. Women are forever.

  • Alisha Aurora says:

    This is a very inspiring post and that video spoke volume! Love this!

  • Camille says:

    Women are forever, that’s what I want to say.. Us girls don’t have to fret or worry when the big 30 comes.. Because this age is just the beginning of the greatest adventures in our life.. to our road to forever!

  • Jenni Clark says:

    At the end of the day, it is what we’re feeling that matters, even if we have reached the age of 30 or even 40. I think, as long as we do the things we love and we find ourselves happy, that’s all we need in life.

  • Lorie Hill says:

    Yes, women do not have expiry dates, indeed! We should not be considered outdated just because we aren’t married or haven’t got children. Women should not conform with the society’s expectation, but be accepted for their accomplishments and satisfaction in life.

  • Claire says:

    This video is amazing. I love it, changes perspective about women of the 21st century. Women rule!

  • Patricia Nicole says:

    I’m recently married and enjoying my time with my husband, but other people are always asking or forcing us to have a child already. And I’m not even 30 yet, I’m still in my mid-20s and enjoying hubby-wifey time as much as possible. We’re actually saving up for our future so we could provide more for our future child. But lo and behold, we haven’t been married for 6 months yet but everyone from both sides of our family wants us to bear child ASAP. They insist on it, they say it’s now or never or before it’s too late.. Too late for what? Ahh, I really wish people would not put deadlines for newlyweds and for every woman who is nearing 30. It just makes us girls look desperate 🙁

  • Mischka Araneta says:

    I love this post Heidi! Very well said!

  • Lyn LaBelle says:

    Such a powerful video.. I wonder why people put expiry dates on girls or women who reach a certain age and compare them to others who’d done marriage vows and the like. Sometimes, life is just so unfair.

  • AJ says:

    Why is it that women is deemed to have expiry dates? It’s unfair. We all deserve everything what life has to offer even if we are aged 60 and above.

  • Meryll says:

    Changing our destiny by changing our thoughts.. Now that is powerful!

  • Allison McArgent says:

    Totally agree with everyone. We can’t let age define our capabilities and we can’t let people dictate what we can or can’t do when we reach a certain number. Us ladies should define and shape our own destiny

  • Sheryll Luke says:

    Sometimes we can’t help compare ourselves to others, that’s why there’s pressure around us to accomplish things that they’d already have reach. This isn’t healthy and ideal. Us ladies should know our limit, but also make use of it to stretch our imaginations and fulfill things that we have dreamed of doing even after such a long time waiting. No expiry dates whatsoever.

  • Kiyoko says:

    Love comes to different people at different times; it is not a metric to compare when it is about one person finding a soulmate: you. 💕

  • Chiquita Maria says:

    I wish I’ve got skin as beautiful and glowing as yours! You’re such a beauty, dear Heidi! You are right, we women shouldn’t have expiry dates ever.

  • Foxxy Ashleigh says:

    Wow, love that video! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post Heidi!

  • Winter Perry says:

    Oh, that’s a very powerful video about women. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Nadine says:

    A strong, independent woman does not tire or expire even after reaching a certain age. We women know how far our capabilities can reach and we are powerful in our own little ways, so let’s influence others to believe that age is just a number. We are limitless!

  • Therese Irene says:

    You are such a beauty, both inside out. Love how you take care of yourself and share your thoughts and advice young ones about self-care. You’re a darling, Heidi.

  • Asa Buttterscotch says:

    Thank you for sharing that uplifting and inspiring video!!

  • Trisha says:

    Love that video, it’s so moving and inspiring. Kudos to all women in the world!

  • Aurora Skye says:

    That’s a very powerful video about women. I love it! #girlpower

  • Mike Saints says:

    Love that video. Thank you for sharing it. Brings a whole lot of new perspective about women and their ageless beauty.

  • Sariah Winston says:

    This is one powerful video about women. Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s true. Us women do not have expiry dates, we live long enough to show everyone what we are really capable of.

  • Silka says:

    This is an uplifting and beautiful video.. Thank you for sharing with us the realization about us women and for being an advocate. Love this!

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